Why Conscious Eating & Drinking is Important?

Doing things consciously is one of the most important things that human race has forgotten. At the beginning of a learning curve, we give so much of attention and concentration which slowly fades off towards the end of the curve. Once we master the subject and create a blueprint in the brain, we do it unconsciously without needing to pay much attention. For example, Learning how to drive a car. We put lot of attention to ABC & Triangle formula at the beginning and once we master driving , we drive without much attention with some job tension or some other worry. The same goes with How & What to eat, how to drink etc., The amount of attention we put while doing the things we learnt and mastered,  slowly goes down. But what we ignore here is the importance of doing things CONSCIOUSLY. Conscious Eating, Drinking, Driving, Playing, Singing, Walking, Running has a lot more benefits than doing things without much concentration and attention. However small the work may be, doing it consciously has a way better results.

There are 2 important things that a human body requires to survive; Water and Food apart from Oxygen. Having them in the right quantity and good quality decides how healthy we are. But giving attention to what we consume, the ideal conditions of consumption and what happens after we consume certain food in a certain way is very very important. Let’s look at some simple tips to a healthy life that we all have been ignoring ie conscious eating & drinking

Conscious eating & drinking

In this article, we are going to discuss about two important things for human survival apart from Air we breathe.




I am not here to say the amount of water one need to consume in a day. I would say, drink whenever you feel thirsty. Still be conscious about your thirst and don’t ignore. Conscious drinking of water is the topic here. There are certain people who fill half of their water glass with ice cubes and some other people prefer taking boiling hot water. Unfortunately, both are not system friendly. The ideal temperature of water for consumption differs from person to person based on the transmission they are seeking for.

  • If you are seeking for great transmission in life like practicing Yoga, meditation, or in some spiritual path (Literally means when you are in search of your inner self), then you must drink water only within 4 degrees variation upwards and downwards from your body temperature i.e Normal body temperature is 36.5 degrees. So you can have in between 32.5 to 40.5 degrees celsius.
  • If you are interested in great learning and want to absorb knowledge like students and job seekers and not seeking any great transformation in life , you can consume within 8 degrees variation upwards and downwards from your body temperature i.e in between 28.5 to 44.5 degrees celsius.
  • If you are neither interested in learning nor interested in any transformation like a house-holder whose job is only to take care of spouse and children, you can consume within 12 degrees variation from your body temperature i.e In between 24.5 to 48.5 degrees celsius.
Range of water temperature that people can consume - Conscious drinking
Ideal range of water temperature for consumption


Beyond the above mentioned temperatures, not just the water even the food is also not considered conducive for any person. Consuming water or any food very far from the body temperature disturbs the way water behaves and functions inside the body.


We all love food. We are what we eat. What we eat and how we eat has been tremendously evolved from ancient times till date. But the way our body responds to what & how we eat hasn’t been changed. If we eat what our digestive system can’t process and make a part of itself does no good for us.

What To Eat:

When it comes to food, one must consciously notice, how quickly does the food you eat digests and become a part of yourself? 

The food should move out of the stomach within 3 hours of consumption. This is the food that our system can efficiently handle. Your palate may not feel it as a great food but that is the food your system is able to process efficiently. When the food you eat lasts longer than 3 hours in the stomach, that means you are eating the bad food. It should be either avoided or reduced in quantity. So, one must conscious about what they eat in a particular day and the time taken for the system to move it out of the stomach. 


Continuous ingestion or no ingestion of food is a common practice among many. Both are not ideal for human system. We must create a clear gap of 6 hours between one meal and the other. In between there should be no other ingestion of food however small it might be. By doing so, there happens the cleansing process at the cellular level. Our bodily energy needs are anyway fulfilled by consuming reserve sources. Creating a gap between meals is an ideal way to a give your system time to do some cleansing process at the cellular level. If you keep on ingesting your stomach with food, your system will get busy digesting and have no time for cleaning process. 

Conscious Eating- Give an interval of 5-6 hours between meal
An interval of 5-6 hours between Meal is ideal

>30 Years & Food

The functional capacity of the body under unfavorable circumstances goes down with age factor to some extent. One shouldn’t overload the system with too much load after 30 years. Overloading stomach is one of such things. One shouldn’t consume more food  than needed after 30 years of age. For the optimal functionality, 2 good meals a day, one in the morning and one before sunset will suffice to the people over 30 years of age. 

Physical Activity

Going to bed immediately after evening meal affects the body in a negative way. There should  be a minimum of 20-30 mins of physical activity before going to bed. It needs not to be a strenuous workout. Any activity like a simple walking, Dancing to a soft music, playing around will do. The ideal thing is to go to bed with your stomach empty. Don’t worry about the sleep. You feel little uncomfortable during the initial days but you will be just fine with time.


Conscious eating & drinking is ideal way to a healthy lifestyle. Our body is like a temple. Treat it with utmost respect. We consume food that we like the most which might not be LIKED by our system. Fill the body and brain with what it like and able to handle efficiently. What you like may not be handled by the system very well. Hence consume system friendly food always not palate friendly.

Staying healthy is that SIMPLE – Eat & Drink Consciously 

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