The Relation Between Oxygen Carrying Capacity in the Human Body & Iron

Everybody knows that we live on oxygen. If there is no oxygen on earth, there is no life on it. Oxygen plays a crucial role in everything that happens inside & outside of our body. Once lungs filter the air, blood carries the oxygen and supplies it to each and every cell in the body. The way our body functions and cells rejuvenate depend on the amount of oxygen in the blood. The oxygen carrying capacity of the blood depends on the amount of Iron in the blood.

Iron is an important element in various metabolic process in the human body which includes electron transport,DNA synthesis and mostly importantly Oxygen Transport to the cells. Unlike other minerals, the levels of Iron in the human body are controlled by its Absorption and Excretion. The absorption is a regulated process and is dependent on the amount of consumption. Unlike absorption , excretion is an unregulated process. Iron will be excreted through sweat, shredding of hair cells, skin cells and menstruation. Iron exists mainly in RBC as heme compound called Hemoglobin, to a lesser extent it is stored in the form of ferritin and hemosiderin and in muscle cells as myoglobin.

Lack of blood capacity to carry oxygen due to low levels of Iron and Hemoglobin is referred to as Anaemia.  When there is not enough Iron in the blood, the supply  of oxygen to Brain, Heart, Lungs and the total body goes down which leads to their lower functioning. One of the early symptoms of lack of proper oxygen supply to cells is Exhaustion. Even for a simple work, we feel more exhausted. 

Women are More vulnerable

Women are more prone to become anaemic comparatively due to their biological process, menstruation. Iron is one such mineral that is excreted during their biological process. So the amount of Iron and there by hemoglobin is less leading to lower levels of oxygen in their body. Hence, it makes them feel exhausted unnecessarily, look unintelligent and dumb (Due to lack of oxygen supply to brain cells). Because of all this, both the body and brain don’t function the way they have to.

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Let’s find out a simple yet efficient way to combat Iron deficiency

Best Iron Supplement – Honey

Consumption of honey carries with it lot of benefits to our body. All we know is, honey gives instant energy, contains no cholesterol, no fats etc. People are also aware of early morning consumption of honey as a way to reduce the belly fat. But what most of the people are unaware of is honey as miraculous medicine for Iron absorption. Consuming a spoon of Honey with warm water on a daily basis helps in increasing Iron in the human body & there by hemoglobin % in the blood.
How to consume honey to attain the maximum benefits out of it?
A beautiful Image of Honey in a bottle with a Spoon

Best Way to Consume Honey

Eating raw honey has some kind of benefits and while having it warm has another. But the ideal way of consuming honey is to have it in warm water. Honey should never be put it in boiling water as some part of it will turn poisonous when it crosses certain temperature. In the western culture, it is common practice to make honey recipes. But, honey should never be cooked. Hence honey should always be consumed with warm water for larger benefits.

Once you start taking honey on a daily basis; Iron, Hemoglobin, RBC content will go up slowly. So the level of inertia you feel in the body and  mind will slowly get reduced as the supply of oxygen to the cells increase. The cells in the body starts to rejuvenate, the dead cells will be replaced quickly and you start to feel more relaxed and energetic.

Bottom Line!

Oxygen supply to the cells is vital as the total functioning of the body and mind is dependent on the amount of oxygen at the cellular level. It doesn’t matter how much fresh oxygen we inhale if it doesn’t reach the cells. Iron is the only mineral that carries Oxygen to the cells. As it’s excretion is unregulated, intake of Iron on a daily basis is very important for the proper function of the Body and Mind. Honey consumption on a daily basis is the simple solution.

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