How Much Will It Cost to Build a Website in 2024?

A digital presence is a must for a business to succeed in 2024. A website is the online gateway and a digital proof of your business. It should be visually appealing and must function optimally to ensure active engagement of users, which uplifts the user experience. 

But how much does it cost to build a website? This is the predominant question that a business should consider. There are various ways to build a website, including website builders, considering a specific platform, or seeking assistance from a web development company. Each way will cost you differently. Simply put, a website builder will be more cost-effective than hiring a company. 

As a business, you have to evaluate the factors that impact the overall cost of website development.  This will help you ascertain a rough idea of the cost. 

Factors that Impact the Cost of Custom Website Development

There are various factors that impact the average cost of website development. Every business’s nature is different; their operations and the way of dealing with clients are different, and so are their business needs. For instance, if a business dealing with data-centric operations creates a website, it would cost more than a blog-based business. 

The price of a website is as fluid as a chameleon’s skin, adapting to your specific needs and desires. Here are the key factors that shape your budget:

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Complexity of the Project

How complex is your project? This is the predominant factor that holds a strong foothold in influencing the cost of website development. Your project’s complexity level can either raise the cost of development or reduce it. A complex project requires more time and resources, which will increase the overall cost. Some of the contributing factors that augment the prices are

  • Required number of pages and features
  • Website development type
  • Level of functionality needed
  • Utilization of custom code
  • Need for integration with third-party systems
  • Level of security required

Keep in mind if the project needs are more complex, it requires expertise to complete it.


Your website design is one of the critical factors that can influence the cost of website development. The appearance of your website significantly impacts the user experience.

A positive user experience attracts more visitors and boosts the credibility of a website. You have to consider the cost of a theme, template, or professional web developer to calculate the cost of website development. 

Choosing a Development Platform

Choosing the right website development platform and tech stack can also influence the cost of website development. When you are looking for it, ensure that the platform you select should relate to your business requirements. This way, you will select the right website development platform for your business.

However, open-source platforms are free to use, but customizing them will cost you money. On the other hand, platforms like Shopify must charge upfront costs and have different pricing plans. You have to choose a plan that suits the requirements of your business.

Development Team

Developing a professional website requires the expertise of a web development company skilled in the methodologies of web development. The cost of developing a website 

There are two ways you can work with the experts: either hire web developers or build an in-house team. 

Work with an in-house team

For bigger projects that require proper collaboration and coordination, building an in-house team would be a good option.  But you have to keep in mind that this option will cost you more. You have to bear all the costs, from operation to any other. Developing an in-house team can cost you $55,000 or more per year.

Hire Professional Web Developers

A team or an individual who is skilled in website development and stays updated with advanced technology can help you smoothen the website development process. In comparison to building an in-house team, hiring professional web developers would cost less. You can hire offshore web developers starting from $25/hour.

The hired expert will work according to the requirements of your project and help you develop the website that you have envisioned. 

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Ways to build a Website?

A business can develop a website either manually through a DIY website builder or by hiring a professional company. This all depends on the requirements and nature of a business.

DIY approach

DIY (Do it Yourself) or manual approach is the cost-effective option for a business to develop a website. One who is not technically sound can take assistance from either website builders or themes and plugins. Website builders offer drag-and-drop functionality, which means you do not have to write the code to change a particular function. The starting price of website builders is around $5 per month, you can build a basic website with this.

However, themes and plugins offer more flexibility than builders but can cost you more. Compared to website builder, when you integrate premium themes into your store, you have more control over the design. Its cost starts from $10 to $100.

Hire a Professional Company

A manual process requires lots of effort and time. The ideal way is to look for professionals. A skilled team can help you develop a powerful online presence. Do consider that the cost would be higher because the company will need to invest in resources like

  • Staff with the necessary skills and experience to create and manage your online presence
  • Technology and software to help with the process

The cost of working with a web development agency will be influenced by the scope of your project.

Verdict on Website Development Cost

As mentioned previously, it is quite difficult to find the cost of website development. A basic understanding of your business requirements will help you get a rough idea of the cost.

Consider things like the type of website, its size, features, tech stack, web pages, and other things to decide the cost. You have to review various factors that can affect the cost of website development to get a rough estimation of the cost. However, to simplify this, a tabular representation of the rough cost of website development is presented below: 

Website Type Average Cost
Simple Website $1000 – $5000
Online Store $5000 – $10000
Corporate Website $15000 – $30000
Custom Website $25000 – $55000

Note that these are the rough cost of developing a website.  You have to ensure that the cost will vary based on your project’s needs. 

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Website development requires careful consideration of the various factors that affect its cost. You have to understand them to make an informed decision. While doing it, focus on the long-term value of your website. However, if the cost is contemplating your decision, the ideal way is to consult with a website development agency. The experts will provide you with an estimate and guide you toward the website development process.

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