How to Live Life With Ease – Read To Know Amazing Facts

You may not like what you are going to read. Because I am going to tell you an unpopular story which may disappoint your taste buds.

How healthy you feel you are? Before answering this, you need to understand being healthy doesn’t mean not having any ailments. The word HEALTH means WHOLENESS. And there is a way to measure that Wholeness. How you feel when you wake up in the morning ? If you feel lazy, tired, don’t feel like getting up from the bed, wanting to sleep for another 10 mins after completing 8 hours of sleep, then it is very clear that you are not healthy. If you feel like you are just born, energetic & bouncy, it means that there is consensus among your body, mind, energy levels and the total system. This what exactly one feels if he/she is healthy and that is called Wholeness. Unfortunately 99% of the people don’t know what is the meaning of being Healthy and live at absolutely ease. The real culprit is the way we eat and what we eat

The law of energy within the human system completely depends on the kind of fuel you are giving to it. The right fuel gives positive energy and vice versa. what fuel our system really wants to feel that Wholeness? Food is nothing but the Fuel for our system to run. Filling petrol vehicle with diesel and expecting it to run smoothly is a foolish thing. The same way eating food that your system struggles to digest is also no good for the body. Then what is the right food for our body?

The Right Food

Whatever that your system is able to handle efficiently with minimum struggle to digest is Right Food for you.

The digestion process starts right inside the mouth. Enzymes are very essential in the process of digestion. How our body secretes enzymes, food that we eat also contains specific enzymes in it’s raw form. Our very cooking process destroys 40-50% of the enzymes that food contains. Hence, our system has to struggle to reconstitute the destroyed enzymes in the food that we eat during the process of digestion. This process of reconstitution makes the digestion process a hassle for the system. In brief, the cooked food can be described as half dead food. However good that your digestive system might be, it can’t bring back the enzymes destroyed during the process of cooking. It means that we are trying to live on half dead food.

The very reason why we all feel lethargy after eating food is that cooked food is taking off the energy at first instead of giving energy. That is why People have to pull their body immediately after eating food. After the struggle of around one to one and half hour by the digestive system to digest this half dead food, you regain the energy. If this kind of process continues, your digestive system weakens overtime. If you are able to take at least 40-50% of your food in it’s raw form, you can experience your energy levels going up immediately. You feel more energetic and you don’t have to pull yourself. At the same time, the amount of struggle that you put on digestive system will also be reduced.

Food that Reduce Pressure on System

When I say RAW food, you may start to wonder what is Raw food & how can I eat everything in it’s Raw form??? Here is a list of Raw foods that are enriched with Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals and everybody can have them in their raw form.

  • Fruits (Whole/Juice)
  • Vegetables (Whole/Juice)
  • Nuts
  • Sprouted Grams, Lentils/seeds
Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Sprouts
A perfect Food

Having mentioned 4 simple known varieties that can be taken in their raw form, here I am presenting you a Diet Plan that is easy to follow

  • At 7 AM/ After you wake up :  Take 1250 ml of water. This helps you in cleaning your digestive track and defecation.
  • As a Break Fast:      1. Take 200-300 ml of Vegetable or Green Leafy Juices (preferably Carrot, Beet Root, Tomato, Cucumber, Spinach, Moringa, Curry Leaves). Vegetable Juices have lot of advantages from increasing your Hb% to reducing hair thinning etc 2. Take a bowl full of Sprouts. If you don’t like the taste of sprouts, add dates, Pomegranate seeds, apple slices or fresh fruit chunks of your choice. Sprouts are rich source of protein, gives instant energy and the feeling of fullness. You don’t feel lethargic once you start having sprouts in your breakfast.
  • For Lunch: There is nothing specific for lunch as it is not weight loss plan. You can have your regular lunch
  • Water Time: You should not consume water while having food and until 1:30 hours after having lunch. Starting from 1:30 hours after lunch, take 1 glass/hour till 4 PM.
  • Snack Time: Take 200 ml of fruit juice (preferably Sweet Lime, Grape, Orange, Cane/Coconut water)
  • Dinner: Nuts and Fruits should be your dinner. Can take fruits of your choice. Take Soaked Hazelnuts, Pecan, Brazil, Peanuts, Pine, Cashew, Almond, Raisins, Pistachios/Walnut. Nuts are essential for giving you energy while fruits give you enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals. Make sure you finish dinner by max 7PM.

Benefits of Raw Food:

By following the above plan, you consume 70% raw food and 3 ltrs of water in a day. Some of the other benefits include the following

  • Chronic diseases like PCOS, Thyroid, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension will be subsided
  • Hydrates the body
  • Melts Visceral fat
  • No Drowsiness, Feeling of Freshness throughout the day, you wake up with out alarm bell
  • Improves Immunity
  • Triglyceroids and LDL levels in the blood decrease while HDL increases
  • Constipation will be a thing of the last

Troubling the system by eating something that it can’t digest easily will have long term negative effects on our well being. Unfortunately, consuming cooked food become a tradition that has been passing through generations. Hence, People are co-habiting with chronic illnesses. They don’t know how to live with absolute ease. Switch to 50% raw food and start to live life at absolute ease.

Don’t Believe in Everything You Have Been Told To. But Try It To Believe It.

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