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Wiki Pluck is blog where we are publishing the latest technology related articles and innovative ideas from the techie people. This is the right place for the people who want t read, research or want to learn the technology trends around the world. 

We are always trying to give quality and useful information to our readers to learning something new. We are researching on trending technology topics and creating a great content which will help to the techie people. 

Wiki Pluck also inviting you to write for us about different topics likes technologybusiness, education or any other trending topics.

Before sending the article it has to comply with our conditions so that your articles will be published. In this way, you can get a lot of benefits.

Our main objective is to offer latest technology, business, education and trending topics publishing in our website to satisfy our readers.

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write for us benefits

Technology Write For Us Benefits

  • By publishing your articles on our website, you can generate greater brand recognition.
  • Your Domain Authority will be also increased.
  • You will get huge referral traffic from an external link to you.
  • Your articles will reach the people those who really understand your content, with which you can obtain greater visibility in your niche.
  • We Share your article in our social media platforms. 

Would you like to be published in Wikipluck?

A collaborator of Wiki Pluck is a person who sporadically sends their writings. If the writing adheres to the guidelines, it is published a few days later by reviewing your content.

Note: All articles or writings that seek to inform technology, artificial intelligence, mobiles, software, travel, education, or business related information.  Articles that are not related to the above mentioned topics will be rejected and intimated you with the reason.

Follow these guidelines before write your article

  • Content must be unique
  • Content should not have been published on any other site.
  • Article must have at least 800 words and not exceed 2,500.
  • Article can include up to two links to sites other than your website or other sites of interest related to the subject.
  • If you use images or videos in your content, they must be copyright-free and always name the source of origin.

Write for us topics

  • Internet of things
  • Software Applications
  • Mobiles and Gadgets
  • Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Science
  • Education
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Business Ideas
  • Business Experience
  • Startups
  • Finance
  • Currency
  • Online Classes
  • Learning Languages
  • Competitive Exam Training
  • Information about Institutions
  • Your Study on Special Topics
  • Research
  • and More Education relative topics
write for us rules and guidelines

Rules for guest posting

  • Check the below rules if you want to write a post for us.
  • Do not use the adult or casino links in your article.
  • Article cannot have promotional content.
  • Article should be informative and neutral.
  • Articles have eye-catching titles so that people will be encouraged to read them.
  • Do not include content from another website. If any time we detect that your post has been plagiarized, we will not publish it or remove it if already published.

What should the content structure of the article include?

  • Article should be SEO optimized.
  • Text should be easy for the readers to understand.
  • Write publications in Word document format.
  • Content must contain 30% transition words (discursive markers).
  • It should be written mostly in an active voice.
  • Good use of grammar and spelling will be taken into account.
  • Do not write a sentence with more than 20 words.
  • You must include a subtitle for each 150-word section.
  • You should use a varied vocabulary so that the text is not repetitive.
  • Keywords that are fit the context naturally.

How to Submit Your Guest Post:

Send the following to with the subject “Guest Post” and:

  • Article
  • Pictures (if applicable)
  • Your name and the pseudonym you want to use
  • All in Word format the way you want it to be published.