10 Tips to Create Quality Content for Your Blog and Website

Surely you have already wondered what type of content is the most appropriate for you, or not? Creating quality content for your website and blog that attracts attention and increases the level of participation of your readers is not that difficult.

Today companies spend a lot of money on content marketing, and it is one of the best decisions they can make. But not everyone does the same: a few articles or an FAQ page is not enough.

It may seem like the only solution to stand out on Google is to create tons of content. Luckily there is a better way to do it.

How to create quality content for your website

The most important thing is to create high-quality content. Creating unforgettable content doesn’t happen in a couple hours and it can come at a cost. This is why you have to make sure you get the most out of the content you create. Share your content on all possible channels and in different ways.

Don’t be afraid to make decisions

Make sure you know a lot about the topic you are sharing. When you share information about a specific topic that you know a lot about, it will look more genuine and be of much more value. For example, if you work in the hotel or travel world, you will not be the only one. Therefore, you have to make decisions to stand out.

The Mr. & Ms Smith page suggests everything from villas to boutiques in luxurious locations. They made the decision to target only one audience: people who like to vacation in luxury destinations.

If you target a specific audience, it will be easier for you to create high-quality content.

Reduce your content to improve

What is more important for you? Have your website full of content or be recognized for the unforgettable content you share?

When you have an idea on a topic to write, ask yourself the following question: do you think your readers are also interested in the same thing?

Be more selective with the content you share, analyze what your readers are most interested in. Share high value content for your audience.

Tell stories that are memorable.

Your audience does not want you to saturate them with information about your company.

For example, Beardbrand began its journey in 2012 after founder Eric Bandholz was named champion in a beard and mustache contest. He began telling his stories on YouTube and on his own blog. It wasn’t long until he was booked by the “New York Times” for talking about mustaches and beards. Obviously he did not miss his opportunity and I speak of his brand.

Beardbrand is now a successful brand helping millions of men in the beard and mustache world. What he did was take a good look at what his brand offered and what his audience needed. He conveyed all of these needs in the form of stories through his YouTube channel and his own blog.

Use all the information you have

Surely you have a lot of information about your business and your customers. You can use that data in two ways: to see what people are looking for or to tailor your content to the reader.

A great example would be Zalando. Thanks to its technology they can see what piece of clothing you have searched for the last time in their store. Have you found that same garment on your social networks? It’s because Zalando already knows what you’re interested in, and using this information they create “personalized” content.

Another example might be IBM’s Watson robot. This robot analyzes your activities on its marketing blog and, depending on this, shares with you other articles that could be interesting to you.

Share useful content

When you share useful content for your audience, you attract their attention more. But how do you know what kind of content is useful to your audience? Collecting information with tons of tools that already exist and are purpose-built for it. This information can help you create high-quality content. Check these 9 best tools to share your content on social networks.

There are topics that people have not yet discovered, that are not yet looking for or that are difficult to anticipate, as there are trends that have yet to be discovered.

Birchbox does a good job in this regard. They have their own online magazine in which they offer stories, tips, tutorials, etc. and this type of content can be easily implemented in other magazines like Glamor.

Make content entertaining

Stories can be told in millions of ways. So why read yours?

  • Because it is genuine and authentic
  • Because content is relevant
  • Because your point of view is creative and it is what differentiates your story from the others

Take Airbnb for example. Their business model has been copied many times, but they still stand out thanks to their content. They do not only offer apartments or rooms, but also experiences. Experiences that readers want to follow on your website.

Make sure your content is seen by your audience

Surely you have already thought of an SEO strategy to optimize your content and make it one of the most viewed. This strategy can help you a lot, but it is not enough.

In countries like the US one 20% of the marketing budget goes for content creation, and the rest is dedicated to the distribution and promotion of that content.

If you want your content to be easily found you have to:

  • Approach your readers directly with your content (such as by email)
  • Invest in building your audience
  • Create a network of influencers and ambassadors to share your content
  • Find ways to spread your content, through your own channels (social networks) or advertising

Give your content another purpose and recycle it

From the moment you promote and distribute your content, you will realize that the cost has been worth it. Creating high-quality content has its advantages, and that is why you should reuse it as many times as you can.

Jay Baer, the founder of “Convince and Convert” is popular for his informative videos on different topics that are only 3 minutes long. He reuses his content by converting it into different formats, and then publishes them on his social networks. These can be podcasts, articles for your blog or other pages…

Repurposing your content can drive more traffic to your page. Make sure that from time to time when you update your content: you want to make it unforgettable, but you don’t want to forget about it.

Be critical of your own content

Even if your content is fine for you, put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Is it what you would like to read on other blogs? If your answer is “No,” think about changing the content.

And I don’t mean to start from scratch, but there may be things that would be better to remove, or maybe add more details.

A good idea may be to organize brainstorming sessions to collect as many ideas as possible. This will help you in the process of creating and analyzing your unforgettable content. You will also have other points of view.

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