5 Countries Where You’ll Enjoy Luxury Vacations

Many times we think that the luxury vacations that we have seen so many times in magazines and on television are directly unattainable for us. However, on many occasions we ignore destinations that are perfect for our portfolios.

Nothing is impossible. They have repeated it to us millions of times, but it seems that it is not clear. We are used to, in some respects, giving up before we even try. For example, how many times have we come across images of a heavenly destination and have already taken it for granted that we will never be able to visit it? Unless we win the lottery, of course… Well, this mistake may be costing you the vacation of your life.

It is clear that it will never be as cheap to choose the nearest beach as, for example, for a week in the Maldives, but that does not mean that the whim is out of our reach. In fact, there are many offers that exist and that make these luxury destinations, which we have always considered prohibitive, an option for anyone who is willing to save a little and sacrifice some aspects (especially in relation to comfort) of your trip.

We have been comparing destinations, traveler experiences and options and have come to the conclusion that these 5 countries that we expose you below, which you had surely crossed out of your list of possible destinations, offer you the opportunity to live a luxury vacation without your portfolio suffers excessively.


Incredible but true. There is the option of traveling to the Maldives Islands without completely breaking the bank. Some say that an infallible trick is to buy the flights just seven weeks before the trip, but the best thing is that you activate an alarm long before, that you bet on several dates and you go comparing. In this way, you can find flights for around 400 euros round trip, which can be considered a bargain in the case of the destination we are talking about. On the other hand, when it comes to accommodation, it is advisable to flee the most touristy islands and large resorts. On other lesser-known islands, but just as wonderful, much more than acceptable accommodations are offered at prices that may even seem ridiculous.


Indonesia and, specifically, Bali are considered one of the most spectacular, paradisiacal and brutal destinations on our planet. And yes, you can also visit them for less than you imagine. The advice is practically the same when it comes to flights. Search with time, compare and, above all, take advantage of the offers with stopovers. Many times they can be somewhat tedious, but the routes drop considerably in price when they exist. Again, you can find roundtrip options for about 400 euros. For accommodation, the Gili Islands are recommended, specifically its interior, since it is much cheaper than the coast. You will not be attached to the beach, but if you rent a motorcycle it will be worth it and it will allow you to know much more than the sand and the sea.


You probably already knew this, since more and more people discover the wonder of traveling to Thailand for less than we imagine. There are so many possibilities at a low cost that the country has gained spectacular fame in recent years, attracting all types of travelers, especially young people. Flights can reach around 350 euros and accommodation is much cheaper than in other destinations, also including a huge offer for backpackers, in which the glamor is not lost. The best option if you are looking for a vacation in a heavenly destination and on a somewhat low budget.


Another surprise on our list. Cuba can also be a somewhat affordable destination, as strange as it may seem. Again, it is recommended that you look for flights in advance, that you consider the option of making a stopover and that you compare different dates, but here where you can save the most is on accommodation. Although when we travel to such remote destinations we tend to opt directly for hotels, in Cuba, especially in Havana, private houses are very well prepared and their price is much lower than that of other accommodations. In addition, that will allow you, in the case of getting to live with the owners, to get to know life there better.

United Arab Emirates

Finally, another of those destinations that is becoming fashionable in recent years. Dubai, belonging to the United Arab Emirates, has grown enormously as a tourist destination and part of the blame for this is the different offers both in flights and accommodation. Contrary to what many may think, taking into account the high standard of living of the place, you can travel there for less than 400 euros and the hotel offer is so wide that, if you look for it with time and comparing it on different websites, it will also You can find a luxurious accommodation so in other places you would have an average one.

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