How Artificial intelligence Used in Digital Marketing

New technologies play a fundamental role in marketing, since they make certain tasks much easier. Now the advent of artificial intelligence is expected to revolutionize the world of digital marketing. We explain what exactly AI is and how it can be applied in marketing.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

The artificial intelligence aims to machines or software are able to perform functions own cognitive human. That is, the purpose is to create programs that have the same capabilities as humans.

The skills that a machine or software equipped with AI can acquire are:

Understand certain situations or contexts and respond or act accordingly

  • Identify objects
  • Recognize images
  • Understand the language
  • Analyze and respond to a problem
  • Learn to do certain tasks

Thanks to all these skills, a machine or software may be able to perform certain functions and facilitate certain tasks.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

Although artificial intelligence is still many years away from being fully integrated into marketing, it is anticipated that at some point there will be software capable of creating and generating quality content. Of course, the idea is not to replace a writer, but to facilitate their work and suggest what type of content to create or publish after analyzing the reactions and interests of users.

Another task that AI-powered software can take responsibility for is sending emails. Artificial intelligence is very useful within email marketing, since automatic responses can be automated and personalized emails can be created.

With artificial intelligence, customers’ purchase actions and their actions can also be predicted from data analysis and interpretation. Knowing what the public is really interested in will make your campaigns much more effective.

And finally, virtual assistants can be installed on the website or a chatbot. This strategy is becoming more and more common in companies and allows knowing the most frequent questions from users, as well as solving small questions quickly and easily. Until now many of these chats weren’t really useful as very complex questions were not being processed correctly. However, if the chatbot is equipped with AI, it will have the ability to learn and understand what the user wants to say.

Difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is often confused with machine learning, but they are two different concepts. When we talk about AI we refer to the ability of a machine to perform cognitive functions typical of humans. However, with machine learning we would be talking about the learning process. That is to say, it is the technique that is used so that the machine learns certain tasks.

AI has many advantages within marketing, since many actions can be automated and information can be collected and analyzed in a much easier way, so it is a technology that, without a doubt, is here to stay.

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