How to fix Not registered on network

Do you want to know what Not registered on network means? Today we explain it to you and show you how we can fix it.

We all know that on certain occasions and depending on the circumstances of our mobile, it is normal for any of our devices

Android may show us some other unexpected message regarding some adjacent problem in the system. If you are someone outside of technology or you simply haven’t used another Android device before, the first thing you should know is that many of these messages have a solution . You may also be interested in cleaning your mobile and removing viruses first.

What does Not Registered on Network mean and how do I fix it?

This message is a somewhat common message on various cell phones from Samsung, Hyundai or Xiaomi. In the last generations of their devices above other brands. Having no discrimination against any model that you put in front or any range to which it belongs equally, since it is a message from the internal system. In and of itself it is a “non-deadly” message for our teams. However, it is well known that it is a nuisance for any user, so this is all you need to know to solve the warning of “Not registered on network” on your mobile, doing just a couple of steps and everything is ready. .

restart your phone to fix Not Registered on Network

Although, restarting your mobile is a more than tedious task and always inopportune no matter how much time you have. “Not registered on network” is one of those messages whose main root or reason is the connection of the cell phone with respect to the local network in question. In short, we could say that your mobile has not connected correctly with the mobile network from your home, office or area where you are.

This is a common mistake in many high-end devices or 3G / 4G / 5G systems in areas or networks that are not updated or directly null. Therefore, for proper operation and without these types of messages , restart your computer remotely and without haste so that once it is turned on again, it makes a correct connection to the network. Today it is comforting to know that this simple and quick step of restarting your mobile in just a couple of movements results in a more than effective solution for many problems of almost any system. Since its main function is to turn off everything necessary, and harmful to our phone. To then turn it back on correctly.

If it doesn’t work, try airplane mode.

If you have already restarted your mobile a couple of times, and you still do not see any result or indication that the message “Not registered on network” is going to disappear. Try this small and simple step that will take you only a couple of seconds if you know a little about the operating system of your mobile.

For those who do not know how to activate and deactivate the airplane mode of their mobile:

It is only a matter of lowering the notification bar, activating the airplane mode icon, waiting 10 seconds and deactivating it
If you do not have that button, do it manually, for that you can go to the settings / configuration app of your device, network settings and search without haste for the ” airplane mode ” option . (Which usually appears as one of the first options to configure the cell phone).
Once you activate it, you will notice that you will not have any connection to Wi-Fi for a few seconds, and then deactivate it to see the results.

Remove the SIM and put it back

If you have already tried both cases and neither has given you the solution that you were waiting for so long, then you will have to go for something perhaps a little more complex compared to the previous ones already mentioned to end the appearance of the message “Not registered on network” . Most likely, it is a problem in the SIM services of your device . Since no matter how minimal, they can cause such great annoyances as the constant appearance of these messages. So you will have to do this manually to be able to restart them.

What you simply have to do on your cell phone so that the message “Not registered on network” stops appearing is:

  • Turn off the mobile
  • Open the side cover of your mobile using the skewer that comes in the original box.
  • Take out the sim, clean it a bit with a cloth.
  • Re-insert it and turn on the phone.

Factory settings on your mobile network

In certain cases it is possible that after all these steps already mentioned, the message “Not registered on network” will continue to appear as if nothing had happened on your mobile device. So already in somewhat greater measures for those who do not get along with technology, it would be to completely (or almost completely) reset the network settings of your mobile.

Although it sounds like something complicated for anyone, in reality it is a step that with some calm will be an easy and complete solution so that the happy message stops getting out. In a nutshell:

Go to the Settings / Reset section, look for the option to reset all Network Settings.
Once you do, the system will ask for your PIN number, so enter it and wait a couple of minutes for your cell phone to make all the changes correctly.
If you don’t have a connection, enter the correct APN according to your company.

Being a more than annoying message, these are the simplest and fastest solutions you can do to stop the typical “Not Registered on the Network” , so if you still see this annoying message, ask for help from a technician or specialist in the management of trusted devices.

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