How to View Android Files in Chrome with file ///sdcard/

file ///sdcard/
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There are different alternatives to view the files if there is no manager pre-installed on the device. The most common is to download one of these managers through the Play Store. However, there are other options to view these files in a much easier way and that does not involve a download. This is accomplished by typing the address file ///sdcard/ in the device’s browser.

Functionality of the file ///sdcard/ address

Just by entering this address in the browser and clicking on ” Go” , it is possible to access a list of files saved on the device. Regardless of the format in which it is found, be it jpg, pdf, or any other, it is possible to find it here. It is also possible to determine the size it occupies by selecting the Size option . Thanks to this, the content of the device can be verified.

For this reason, this little-known trick of copying the file ///sdcard/ address is extremely useful. Especially if there is not enough space to download a file manager, a common problem in low-end devices.

File scope ///sdcard/

This method can not only be used from Google Chrome, because it is also possible to have it through other browsers. Like Mozilla Firefox or even the browser of Samsung devices. But this does not mean that it is limited only to Android devices, since it is possible to use it to view files on your computer , placing the address file: /// C: /// in Chrome or Mozilla.

Limitations file ///sdcard/

It should be clarified that the address file ///sdcard/ only works to view the files, not to manage or delete them. For this you need to download an application. In addition, only the files in the internal memory can be viewed, not those in the SD memory or the root files because it requires special permissions. And finally this method does not work for iPhones. However, it is still an efficient trick to visualize.

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