How to Delete a Snapchat Account

how to delete a Snapchat account

Snapchat has managed to make a niche among the most popular instant messaging applications with an idea as great as it is simple: images, videos and stories that are shared with contacts or received are only available for a few seconds and are deleted once seen. To these “Snaps” you can also add various filters, … Read more

How to use technology to sell?

How to use technology to sell

Companies around the world are taking advantage of new technological capabilities. Artificial Intelligence and other trends to strengthen their business processes. And also used to automate tasks that allow them to reduce operational efforts and increase results. In other words, companies are using technologies to sell more, but what are they doing? In this article … Read more

How Artificial intelligence Used in Digital Marketing

How Artificial intelligence Used in Digital Marketing

New technologies play a fundamental role in marketing, since they make certain tasks much easier. Now the advent of artificial intelligence is expected to revolutionize the world of digital marketing. We explain what exactly AI is and how it can be applied in marketing. What is artificial intelligence (AI)? The artificial intelligence aims to machines … Read more