How to set up FAQs on your Google business profile

Google has launched its latest feature Google Business Profiles, which allows businesses to post answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) from customers. Although there has been no official announcement made by Google, the latest feature has been confirmed by this Google help page, according to Search Engine Journal.

Ultimately, what this feature does is allow you to ask questions for potential customers to see when they message your business through their Google Business Profile, much like a chatbot. Read on to learn how to implement this latest feature and how it will affect your business.

Steps to follow to get started

If you find that your business receives the same types of questions from multiple customers through a chatbot, this is a great opportunity for your business to implement an FAQ section to save you time and better communicate with your customers efficiently.

If you’re interested in setting up this feature on your profile but aren’t sure how to do it, all you have to do is follow a few steps.

The steps you need to take to enable automated FAQs for your Google business profile include:

  • First, in a web browser, start by searching for “my business” on Google
  • Second, you will need to click on “customers” and then “messages”.
  • Click on “menu” and then on “Message Settings”
  • Finally, “manage FAQs” and click on “+ Add question”

From there you can add up to ten questions with a maximum of 40 characters per question. On the other hand, responses can include up to 500 characters. The best part about this feature is that answers have the power to be sent automatically based on the question asked, saving you and customers a lot of time.

What does this mean for your business?

As shown above, he expressed in his post how this allows businesses to increase their site traffic and attract new leads. To make this happen, it would be a good idea to include links in your FAQ answers and direct customers to detailed FAQ content on your site that answers any questions they might have. As a result, users will leave Google and go to your website.

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