Why Buy an Email Database for Your Company?

Companies use many communication and research techniques to grow. Email is a great medium for acquiring new leads, converting them into customers, and retaining them. There are several ways to create an email database. Methods include collecting email from websites using contact forms, renting or purchasing an email database.

Buying an email database is a great option for startups looking for a quick fix.

However, it is necessary to contact a company specialized in the sale of databases that offers all the guarantees of a good service and complies with the electronic commerce law that regulates this type of communication.

The value of an email database

Having a good company database is an indisputable asset for both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) companies.

Email is a less intrusive way to communicate with customers. It is easier to offer products and services or communicate promotions or events.

Email marketing is an excellent form of marketing. Before any email activity, an email database must be created.

There are two types of databases which are opt-in and opt-out:

An “opt-in” address comes from a person who has agreed to use their address for marketing purposes. This means that these people have agreed to receive promotional offers in their mailbox.

By contrast, “opt-out” addresses are those of those who do not consent to the use of their addresses. Businesses looking to launch email campaigns should go for the first option, which guarantees higher conversion rates. They are less likely to have a bad reputation and their emails will end up as spam.

The best way to obtain a quality address is the contact form on the company website and the email database purchased from an expert company in online database sales. In this case, we are talking about the first option mentioned above “opt-in ”.

It does not mean that when buying an email database, this does not mean that you have the consent of the owners of those emails and therefore, you must send an email requesting the consent of all the companies that have emails in our database data to strictly comply with regulations.

The advantages of buying an email database

Companies can choose to create their own email database. However, this requires more time and effort.

A business must act within a certain period and organize an email marketing campaign in a short period of time since time is money and therefore, capturing emails from potential customers only through our website is insufficient.

For those reasons, buying an email database will allow you to quickly get thousands of potential email addresses.

Also, unlike rentals, these purchases grant ownership of the database. They can collect addresses with information indefinitely.

These data include name and contact details. Purchased emails can be categorized based on selected criteria (gender, age, geographic location, interests, professional background, etc.) for better targeting. In this way, good segmentation can increase the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns. Among the thousands of purchase addresses, new customers interested in the offer or promotion of your company will appear.

The cost of acquiring a database is usually affordable. In addition, the benefits are usually fast.


It is best to buy an email database to quickly reach new potential customers and grow your business in no time.

Ensuring the quality of collected addresses is necessary for a good profit.

However, we must always have the consent of the recipient by email before starting an email marketing campaign.

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