Why is Google planning to remove close to a million apps from the Play Store?

Google’s decision has taken many developers by surprise. What will happen to the apps you downloaded?

Android applications have improved in quality over the years; however, there are still many on Google Play that have not been updated for a long time and will disappear soon. Google wants to clean up its store, so some apps would be hidden until they receive news from their developers.

As indicated by the CNET platform, it is a decision made by the company to improve the quality of the Android apps offer, but it will also cause the eradication of others.

Google reported that it has measures to deal with the more than 869,000 ‘abandoned’ applications on Google Play. And, by this, they mean those that have not received support or updates for a considerable period.

Likewise, it is considered as a warning to improve the quality of the applications, since they would not be completely eliminated, but would be hidden. The situation will last until they are renewed, at which point they will be available to users again.

The time out of updates that an app would have to have to be considered part of this situation would be two years. After that, they will no longer appear in search results and recommendations.

There is no doubt that it is a controversial measure and that it will affect a large number of applications and games in the store, whose developers must think about modifying them if they want them to remain available for Android devices.

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