Psychological illnesses caused by the internet and smartphones?

As technology advances we become more “dependent” on our Smartphone, on the internet connection, if the Wi-Fi is unlocked, among others. According to the consulting firm TechHive, there are new psychological diseases caused by the Internet and mobile phones, they assured after a compilation where users from all over the world participated. Let’s get to know the psychological illnesses caused by the internet and smartphones.

Internet dependence:

an unhealthy need to be constantly connected can seriously affect social and private life.

Google effect:

when the brain refuses to remember information as a result of the possibility of accessing it at any time, such as through Google. Why learn something by heart if search engines allow us to find any data when we need it?


it is about the dizziness that some people feel when they travel in a means of transport, it began to speak of cyberdizziness from the 90 ‘, when the first virtual reality devices appeared and users of this technology presented dizziness.


Disorder where the person is convinced that he or she suffers from one or more diseases whose existence they have learned on the Internet.

Dependence on online video games: This is an obsessive mania of playing all the time. In some countries, such as China, there are already Internet detox centers where qualified personnel help inmates.

Facebook Depression:

Depression from having many contacts on social networks or the lack of them. Users who spend a lot of time on other people’s social media pages often feel depressed because they compare the lives of these users with their own and feel that their life is uninteresting and boring.


Anguish caused by not having access to a mobile phone. It can range from a slight feeling of discomfort to a severe anxiety attack. Many users even experience fear when they realize that their mobile is not where it should be.


The mobile phone user believes that his device has rung or vibrated. The explanation is that our brain has begun to associate any impulse it receives with the mobile phone, especially if we are stressed. This symptom occurs because the body learns to react to the impulses generated by the cell phone and then confuses similar sensations that previously passed without pain or glory.

The use and degree of invasion of technology in our daily lives is the responsibility of each one of us, we recommend putting limits on the use of technologies, so that they are advantageous and do not generate any type of stress or “psychological illnesses” as the article says.

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