How much RAM do I need?

How much RAM do I need

In the title we summarize a question that surely we have all asked ourselves at some time. Whether we are going to buy a new laptop or desktop computer, or if we already have one and want to expand the amount of RAM available, it is very likely that we are wondering how much memory … Read more

5 Countries Where You’ll Enjoy Luxury Vacations

Luxury Vacations

Many times we think that the luxury vacations that we have seen so many times in magazines and on television are directly unattainable for us. However, on many occasions we ignore destinations that are perfect for our portfolios. Nothing is impossible. They have repeated it to us millions of times, but it seems that it … Read more

How Artificial intelligence Used in Digital Marketing

How Artificial intelligence Used in Digital Marketing

New technologies play a fundamental role in marketing, since they make certain tasks much easier. Now the advent of artificial intelligence is expected to revolutionize the world of digital marketing. We explain what exactly AI is and how it can be applied in marketing. What is artificial intelligence (AI)? The artificial intelligence aims to machines … Read more