Study hacks to crack JEE Mains

JEE exams are held between the months of February to May every year. It is considered to be a difficult exam since the competition levels are high. Clearing the exam is not an easy task to get admission into the prestigious institutes of the country. A large number of students appear for this exam and a maximum level of commitment is required at the level of students. Your first step should include going through jee mains previous years question paper to have an understanding about the exam in details.

The students need to have an in- depth knowledge about the subjects they study. It is better that you start your JEE preparation from the 11ths standard. This happens to be an exam where speed is a vital attribute and mere knowledge about the subject will not suffice. Students if they have a proper understanding of the topic will solve questions easily. It is advised that they practice regularly that they clear the exams easily. An aspirant needs to have a curious mind to clear the exam. Below are mentioned some of the tips to clear the JEE exam.

Have a well -organized study plan

A well- organized study plan will balance your preparation along with your regular classes. The students should have proper knowledge about the syllabus of JEE. Normally it is available on the official website of the body conducting the exam. You should be spending 3 to 4 hours daily on your studies. There has to be a judicious plan in place to cover all the topics. Any doubts that you have should be cleared with your teachers. All questions needs to be solved with a paper and pen.

Solving the previous year’s question papers

As part of your jee preparation solving the previous year’s question papers is important. Practicing such questions would make you familiar with the questions asked during the exams. Also you are going to get an idea about the type of questions which is asked during the exams and the marks scheme that is asked from every chapter. Most of the previous year’s question paper are available online and students can obtain access to them. Once you practice you can enhance the speed of solving these questions. It also provides you with inputs on which topic you need to focus and which are the ones you should leave.

The choice of the right materials

The students need to choose study materials properly. Numerous types of study materials are available in the market. Some type of educations like Infinity Learn provide study materials which is designed specially to crack JEE. The students can make use of the internet for choosing the best study materials related to JEE. A video tutorial is also available on the internet. Make use of the video material to have a better idea on the subject. In some of the websites PDF material are available free to be downloaded. Refer to additional books if you feel that there is a need to do so. There are noted books available by some reputed authors and this will enhance your grasp on the topic.

Mock tests

Mock tests are available on the official website of the exam conducting body. The moment a study attempts these tests it goes on to increase their self- confidence and helps the students to attempt the exams in a stress free manner. It enables them to score higher marks in these exams. Practicing these tests are important since you will be able to manage your time efficiently and enhances your problem solving skills. The more you practice mock tests more chances of you becoming familiar with the pattern of the exam. Make sure that you go on to analyse yourself after each test, so that you will be able to perform better in the next exam. It is going to help you determine the areas where you need focus. The test is to be completed within the specified time limit.

Revision and make a note of the important points

It might not be possible to revise the entire contents or whole chapter a few days before the exam. So it would be handy if you make notes of each chapter that you study. This should include important formulas, facets and shortcuts related to the chapter. When there are a few days left for the exam you need to revise these important notes.

The student need to be stress free before the exams, as proper sleep and eating healthy are vital traits that should be incorporated into their set – up. In short they need to be relaxed at a mental and physical level before the big day of the exam. Do avoid distractions or smartphone and remain focussed towards your exam. This is one of the most important days in your life.

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