In 2020 : How To Get Windows 10 For ‘FREE’ Without License Key

Windows 10 Activation without license key

Windows 7 support is officially reached it’s ‘End Of Life Status’ in Jan, 2020. Hence it became a matter of concern for Windows 7 users, as they must shift to Windows 10. Because, there is no more technical support, bug-squashing or security-updates to windows 7, leaving it more vulnerable to exploitation by hackers. Windows 10 … Read more

How To Stop Windows 10 Deleting Files Automatically From Recycle Bin

Stop Emptying Recycle Bin

Windows 10 came with an interesting default settings after its 2019 update. Automatic deletion of recycle bin is one of such features. Storage Sense is a default feature added in Windows 10 to manage all the storage settings. One of the features of Storage sense is that, it automatically deletes the files that are lying … Read more