Tools to Embed RSS Widget on Website

Embed RSS Widget on Website

In the internet age, you’ll be irrelevant and outdated if you’re not updated with the latest version of news and the hottest trends worldwide. And the same applies to your website as well. Also, there is a wide variety of news and information sources, and segregating the most trustworthy and authentic source of information can … Read more

UI vs UX – Are They Same or Different & their Impact on Website

UI vs UX - Are They Same or Different & their Impact on Website

Introduction The richness of a website’s user experience (UX) in the modern digital era impacts its performance. The term “UX” consists of aspects such as usability, effectiveness, accessibility, and user experience, that enhance a user’s overall experience. Yet, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are frequently confused, which obscures their respective functions and … Read more

Top 5 WordPress Development Companies

WordPress Development Companies

WordPress is one of the top-ranked CMS platforms on the internet. It has powered a wide range of web solutions. It has a vast range of features, and its versatile outlook makes it best for everyone looking to establish a serious online presence. With the popularity of WordPress, there are a lot of WordPress development … Read more

Why is Cloud Hosting Ideal for WordPress?

Why is Cloud Hosting Ideal for WordPress

WordPress is the ultimate choice for many new businesses to set up their sites and online identity. These businesses often initially opt for shared hosting and look for other hosting options when their business and site start to scale up. Cloud hosting is a popular option among WP site owners. It is because cloud hosting … Read more

How to create a website with WordPress

How to create a website with WordPress

For those who want to save time on designing their website, website builders can be a good option, but if you’re willing to read this guide through to the end and follow its steps, you can have your website in no time. WordPress has a professional design and is ready to be seen by millions … Read more

How to make Proper Landing Page in WordPress

Landing Page in Wordpress

You can create many sorts of advertising campaigns, increase site visitors, and convert a larger percentage of them into paying customers and potential leads with the help of a well-designed landing page. Here, we’ll walk you through the process of making a landing page in WordPress from starting to ending. What is a Landing Page? … Read more