What is Cache & How to Remove it

Cache: The cache memory provides quick access to the pages you browse on the Internet and to some programs without the need to carry out a continuous calculation, this because it stores several of these caches. For example, when a page is accessed again, the contents are loaded from the cache of the computer or smartphone. This allows the website to be built more easily, since the data does not have to be downloaded again.

In principle, it is a kind of intermediate storage in which certain data is archived. It is practically like a temporary download file.

Since quantities can at some point get out of control or lead to errors, it is best to delete them regularly . How to clear the browser cache later is explained .

It should be noted that not only browsers have such caches, but also software . Here, a cache has the same effect and is used to display content more quickly.

Previously, the cache mainly saved costs. In times of flat internet rates, caching no longer saves money. The time also saves on slower computers with slow Internet connections.

Why the cache should be cleared

There are several reasons why it is wise to clear your cache from time to time.

The cache acts as a kind of short-term memory for the browser. If the cache has to store more and more information, this can slow down your computer or smartphone .

Even if you want to maintain some privacy on the Internet, you should clear your cache regularly. If the cache is cleared, all visited websites will need to be logged in again.

Sometimes cached files prevent you from seeing the actual content of the sites, as the stored and outdated data is loaded.

Therefore, the background memory has to be cleared manually from time to time.

How to empty the stored cache memory

It explains step by step how to clear the cache.

Open the browser.

Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Del keys to clear the cache.

Clear the cache by selecting the necessary settings.

This key combination works exactly the same in all popular browsers. In most browsers, you can choose what you want to erase the information stored in the cache. For example, you can delete everything except saved passwords.

Therefore, the cache memory is necessary for faster navigation, although when it is allowed to accumulate there are usually consequences, some of them are that searches are slowed down, there is no privacy on the Internet and sometimes what is stored prevents you from seeing the real content of the websites, therefore, it is essential that it is removed regularly.

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