How to permanently delete a Facebook account

Here we have to discuss about how to permanently delete a Facebook account. Surely you already know, but more people, in an act of will and courage, decide to leave the social network. The first thing you are wondering, of course, is how to remove Facebook in a painless way. We, as good people, will teach how to do it.

But why did we decide to delete Facebook?

First of all, it is worth wondering why more and more people decide to liquidate their Facebook account. There are different compelling reasons that can lead people to make a decision as radical as this:

Keep privacy

Surely that is the first reason that has come to mind. Since the Cambridge Analytica controversy was uncovered, many users no longer trust their security and consider it a good idea to preserve their privacy away from this social network. Recall that in this scandal, the company in question used millions of personal data of Facebook users without permission for political purposes.

Facebook is the owner of your data

Very important and also related to the previous point. Many users decide to delete their Facebook account because they do not feel comfortable giving up ownership of their data. Remember that the social network makes it clear in its terms of service that by opening a profile you are transferring your intellectual property rights to them (updates and photos).

Less boredom and more free time

Facebook can be a bore and a huge waste of time. Many users find that there is no point in continually reading trivial updates from users they barely know, or escalated dramas from people they don’t even like. In addition, the absence of Facebook can increase free time to devote to other (more productive) things.

A great provocateur of sadness

Many users decide to deactivate their Facebook account because it can become a major source of stress. Social network creates the false reality that all your friends have more fun and lead more exciting lives than you. Likewise, without Facebook, the pressure of having to show the world through your publications that you lead a happy and interesting life at all times also disappears.

Hide the past

For a few, especially young people, the main reason for deleting their Facebook account has to do with job projection. They consider that there may be something negative or incriminating in their past that can tarnish their image in the eyes of potential employers (photos or publications at parties or various riot) and thus reduce their professional opportunities. We all have yesterday and, even if it costs, that potential fear can be erased with one click.

It is no longer essential

A few years ago, Facebook was very useful to facilitate communication between family and friends and now things have changed. With the evolution of mobile technology and the appearance of other platforms that are useful for everything (WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime…), this social network is no longer essential to put people in contact.

How to delete Facebook in a few simple steps

Well, regardless of the reasons that lead you to deny Facebook, in the information that follows we are going to explain two very simple ways on how to effectively eliminate Facebook: one temporary and the other permanent.

How to delete Facebook (temporarily)

In this case, it is somewhat reversible and you can reactivate it whenever you want, although while it is deactivated, the rest of the users will not be able to search for you or see your profile. Of course, it is possible that some information (such as Messenger messages) are still valid and can be accessed.

Step 1. Enter your account settings menu

Knowing how to unsubscribe from Facebook is easier than you can imagine. To do this, the first thing you have to do is access the settings menu of your account.

This can be found in the top bar on the far left, where you will see a drop-down list. In that same menu you select the option «Settings».

Step 2. Go to security settings

When you enter the general settings of your profile, you will see that on the left you are presented with a menu with various preferences for the account. You access the “Security” option, just below the “General” button.

Step 3. Deactivate your account

When you are in security settings, you will see that at the bottom you have option to “Deactivate the account.”

What you have to do is click “Edit” and an information tab will open that explains what happens when you delete your profile on Facebook. You can read more about this in “More information” or you can simply continue with the deactivation of the account by clicking “Deactivate the account”

Step 4. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?

As Facebook can’t believe that you want to delete your profile, it will ask you again if you want to deactivate your account and it will ask you why. You have to select the reason, hit the “Deactivate” button and automatically your divorce from the social network will be effective.

Despite the fact that from this moment your account appears as inactive for the rest of Facebook users, the deactivation is reversible at any time. You just have to enter your username and password and your account will be active again, no matter how long it has been since you deleted it.

How to delete Facebook (permanently)

For extremists, there is also the possibility to delete their Facebook profile permanently. If you want to do it this way, you cannot do it directly from your account. But you have to do it from outside. Either by searching Google for “Facebook Delete Account” or by accessing this link.

You must be logged into your account. You will be asked to enter your password and a captcha code to permanently delete your profile. The permanent deletion occurs after 14 days, in case you regret it first and want to recover it. After those two weeks, it is impossible to access that profile again.

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