What is Google RankBrain & How Does it Works?

Google RankBrain: Google is getting closer to users every day. This statement makes a lot of sense because we are the people who consume the content provided by the search engine after entering our question.

And it is that the algorithm of the search engine works hard to satisfy the response and, above all, the user experience . Because Google does not like that the user has to perform several searches to satisfy their query.

Here I want to tell you about Google RankBrain, the Internet giant’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm that has the ability to learn and improve on its own.

We will see how all this affects the way of doing SEO , and I will also show you how what is already considered the third most important ranking factor behaves, along with link building and content.

What is and how does Google RankBrain work?

Google RankBrain is the Artificial Intelligence algorithm that Google created in 2015, and whose objective is to improve the way the search engine itself processes and displays the results of user searches .

The arrival of this sophisticated algorithm has meant a before and after in the search engine’s communication with users. And it is that, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence with which it is designed, Google RankBrain is able to understand and decipher the search intention of users in a much more innovative way.

Now search engines provide more specific results and much closer to satisfying user response . To achieve this, Google RankBrain interprets and processes the information from the webs, deciding if it is what the user is looking for at that moment.

The way the algorithm processes and evaluates this information has to do with semantic SEO and semantic search processes, in addition to the use of word vectors.

Google RankBrain classifies the information by grouping the words and phrases that the user types, and searches for matches within the content that it has found on a given web page.

Although, without a doubt, the most striking thing about this very special algorithm is that it can assign meaning to searches . And you also have the ability to modify your own results based on search location, relevance, or user behavior patterns.

And since it is based on Artificial Intelligence, Google RankBrain has the ability to learn by itself , improving its own results with each search. This is achieved through the evolution of searches made by users, because it is able to understand the context of what the user is looking for.

Are we at the beginning of the end for keywords?

We all know that Google has always expressed its predilection for quality content that adds value to users. With the arrival of RankBrain, the inclusion of a keyword as we knew it before has been modified by other preferences.

And it is that the Google Artificial Intelligence algorithm rewards with a better positioning to web pages that rank with long-tail keywords , and also to websites that include unusual keywords in their content.

All this is possible thanks to the ability to process and understand the words and expressions of Google RankBrain.

Therefore, now it is necessary to include other keywords that help to improve the positioning ; for example, semantic prominence is a key factor at this time when Google seems to cater more to users than SEOs.

The SEO-Copy writing that seduces Google RankBrain

It seems that the union of SEO with Copywriting in digital writing is making more sense . And it is that it is increasingly necessary to start conversations with users who consume our content.

Let’s see the demands of Google’s Artificial Intelligence with the content we write on our websites and blogs.

Make it easy for users and Google

Ideally, you should write your content in a simple way for users, making it easier to read and using conversational copywriting that brings them closer to achieving a perfect connection with your brand.

And you should also help Google better indexing and interpretation . For that, I recommend using structured data; In addition to contributing to a better positioning, you are offering more information about your company that will also help users.

Connect with the user by offering content that adds value

Do a good content curation before you start writing words that do nothing but bore your readers. Forget those contents that only inform and do not go from being one more website where we find the same thing.

Copywriting will help you find that connection point with users, approaching your brand in a more original way than simply talking about it.

Welcome key phrases

Thanks to the ability of Google RankBrain to be able to interpret the phrases that users type in the search engine, it is interesting that you include long-tail keywords in your keyword research, as well as entire phrases.

These key phrases will help search engines better understand the user’s search intent, making them the algorithm’s favorite.

Use tools to find key phrases

Including key phrases in your SEO strategy does not mean that just any phrase is valid. You have to be able to find the ones that users use to find your content.

To do this, you must do a consistent search to find the key phrases that suit you. The Google Ads word planner is an excellent tool that helps you make sense of those key phrases, not only so that you use the most appropriate ones, but also to steer your content in the right direction.

In addition, the Keyword Planner shows you how Google links phrases to a certain topic.

Write your content naturally

Robot-like content where words, expressions, links, and keywords are forcibly included, no longer likes anyone, not even Google.

This has been happening for a long time, but Google RankBrain is even more selective with these details.

Forget about using strange words that nobody knows, and focus on offering expert content where it is clear who you are, what you do and what you offer. Web pages with relevant and experienced information are the favorites of the Google RankBrain algorithm.

Write the content that the user is looking for

Without leaving aside everything that I am sharing with you in this post, you have to be able to prioritize the content based on the search that users perform.

Knowing how to respond to users’ concerns and doubts with content that is also adapted to copywriting and demonstrates mastery of the subject, combines the perfect ingredients that will conquer Google’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Create a good content marketing strategy

We are already seeing that captivating Google RankBrain is not too complicated if you put into practice the advice that I am sharing with you in this post. However, the consistency and frequency of your publications is as important, or more, than the quality of the content you write.

For this reason, another of the factors that seduce search engines and that help you to better position your content, is a good content marketing strategy and also Inbound Marketing.

You know, make a lot of noise to get Google RankBrain to notice you .

Mobile devices are gaining positions

We all know the upward trend that mobile devices are leading. And it is that users make more searches through their smartphones and tablets than from any other device.

Remember to optimize your website for these mobile devices; because a responsive web design along with a mobile web positioning strategy should also be in your digital marketing strategy.

3 Tips to further optimize your content

RankBrain learns from how people behave and interact with search results. And this, at the SEO level, is directly related to the CTR and the time spent on the website.

On the other hand, there are polysemic words ; you know, those words that have different meanings in different contexts. For example, when a user enters the word “apple,” what are they looking for, an apple or information about Steve Jobs’ company?

Here are 3 tips that will help you improve these details that I just told you about:

  • Improve CTR by using emoticons and symbols in the meta description . This makes it much more eye-catching and visual for users.
  • Get the user to stay longer on your website : you do this by writing very long content, between 2,000 and 3,000 words. But you know, follow all the recommendations that I have shared in this post with you to improve the quality of your texts.
  • Use LSI Keywords: These Latent Semantic Indexing words will help interpret Google RainkBrain if your article on “apple” is talking about a variety of fruit or the computer giant.


Optimizing your website according to the requirements of Google RankBrain is a simple task that will give you a good positioning in the search engine results.

These are the 3 most important keys of the Artificial Intelligence algorithm:

  • Use long tail keywords and key phrases
  • Respond to the user’s query
  • Write your content with copywriting , talking with users

What measures have you implemented on your website to optimize it according to Google RankBrain? Tell us in comments, we will love to read you.

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