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Why Conscious Eating & Drinking is Important?

Doing things consciously is one of the most important things that human race has forgotten. At the beginning of a learning curve, we give so much of attention and concentration which slowly fades off towards the end of the curve. Once we master the subject and create a blueprint in the brain, we do it unconsciously without needing to pay much attention. For example, Learning how to drive a car. We put lot of attention to ABC & Triangle formula at the beginning and once we master driving , we drive without much attention with some job tension or some other worry. The same goes with How & What to eat, how to drink etc., The amount of attention we put while doing the things we learnt and mastered,  slowly goes down. But what we ignore here is the importance of doing things CONSCIOUSLY. Conscious Eating, Drinking, Driving, Playing, Singing, Walking, Running has a lot more benefits than doing things without much concentration and attention. However small the work may be, doing it consciously has a way better results.

There are 2 important things that a human body requires to survive; Water and Food apart from Oxygen. Having them in the right quantity and good quality decides how healthy we are. But giving attention to what we consume, the ideal conditions of consumption and what happens after we consume certain food in a certain way is very very important. Let’s look at some simple tips to a healthy life that we all have been ignoring. 


I am not here to say the amount of water one need to consume in a day. I would say, drink whenever you feel thirsty. Still be conscious about your thirst and don’t ignore. Conscious drinking of water is the topic here. There are certain people who fill half of their water glass with ice cubes and some other people prefer taking boiling hot water. Unfortunately, both are not system friendly. The ideal temperature of water for consumption differs from person to person based on the transmission they are seeking for.

  • If you are seeking for great transmission in life like practicing Yoga, meditation, or in some spiritual path (Literally means when you are in search of your inner self), then you must drink water only within 4 degrees variation upwards and downwards from your body temperature i.e Normal body temperature is 36.5 degrees. So you can have in between 32.5 to 40.5 degrees celsius.
  • If you are interested in great learning and want to absorb knowledge like students and job seekers and not seeking any great transformation in life , you can consume within 8 degrees variation upwards and downwards from your body temperature i.e in between 28.5 to 44.5 degrees celsius.
  • If you are neither interested in learning nor interested in any transformation like a house-holder whose job is only to take care of spouse and children, you can consume within 12 degrees variation from your body temperature i.e In between 24.5 to 48.5 degrees celsius.


Beyond the above mentioned temperatures, not just the water even the food is also not considered conducive for any person. Consuming water or any food very far from the body temperature disturbs the way water behaves and functions inside the body.


We all love food. We are what we eat. What we eat and how we eat has been tremendously evolved from ancient times till date. But the way our body responds to what & how we eat hasn’t been changed. If we eat what our digestive system can’t process and make a part of itself does no good for us.

What To Eat:

When it comes to food, one must consciously notice, how quickly does the food you eat digests and become a part of yourself? 

The food should move out of the stomach within 3 hours of consumption. This is the food that our system can efficiently handle. Your palate may not feel it as a great food but that is the food your system is able to process efficiently. When the food you eat lasts longer than 3 hours in the stomach, that means you are eating the bad food. It should be either avoided or reduced in quantity. So, one must conscious about what they eat in a particular day and the time taken for the system to move it out of the stomach. 


Continuous ingestion or no ingestion of food is a common practice among many. Both are not ideal for human system. We must create a clear gap of 6 hours between one meal and the other. In between there should be no other ingestion of food however small it might be. By doing so, there happens the cleansing process at the cellular level. Our bodily energy needs are anyway fulfilled by consuming reserve sources. Creating a gap between meals is an ideal way to a give your system time to do some cleansing process at the cellular level. If you keep on ingesting your stomach with food, your system will get busy digesting and have no time for cleaning process. 

>30 Years & Food

The functional capacity of the body under unfavourable circumstances goes down with age factor to some extent. One shouldn’t overload the system with too much load after 30 years. Overloading stomach is one of such things. One shouldn’t consume more food  than needed after 30 years of age. For the optimal functionality, 2 good meals a day, one in the morning and one before sunset will suffice to the people over 30 years of age. 

Physical Activity

Going to bed immediately after evening meal affects the body in a negative way. There should  be a minimum of 20-30 mins of physical activity before going to bed. It needs not to be a strenuous workout. Any activity like a simple walking, Dancing to a soft music, playing around will do. The ideal thing is to go to bed with your stomach empty. Don’t worry about the sleep. You feel little uncomfortable during the initial days but you will be just fine with time.

Our body is like a temple. Treat it with utmost respect. We consume food that we like the most which might not be LIKED by our system. Fill the body and brain with what it like and able to handle efficiently. What you like may not be handled by the system very well.

Staying Healthy Is that SIMPLE – Eat & Drink Consciously 

Boost Your Immunity Naturally & Fight Corona virus

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The Pandemic, Corona officially enters it’s seventh month by July, 2020. There are many key learnings till date and how to manage corona are emerging with every new case. Initially it was assumed that it is like any other viral pneumonia affecting the upper respiratory track and lower respiratory track in some patients decreasing oxygen saturation. Later, patients are showing the symptoms of systemic, vascular and often neurological symptoms. The symptoms include; clots in blood vessels, lungs, heart, brain and inflammatory markers in the blood based on the virulence of the virus.

Though the way Corona virus affects the human body is changing at fast pace and new theories on how to manage are rapidly emerging; what WHO, researchers and doctors have been saying is unchanged i.e The higher the IMMUNITY, the lesser the effect of Corona on human body. Hence, we can say that Immunity plays an important role in the way our body fights against corona virus. The persons with weaker immunity are more prone to develop the symptoms of corona and even cause the spread of virus. If our fighting mechanism is stronger, virus can’t survive in our body.

Let’s look at the ways to boost our immunity and fight Corona 

How To Develop Immunity?

First Things First – There is No Medicine that boosts your immunity. It is only your Habits & Food that improves your immunity. Give your body what it needs to develop the immunity and fight against any virus/bacteria. Expecting your system to develop immunity and fight against diseases by giving something that it doesn’t require and can’t process is like, filling petrol vehicle with diesel and expecting it to run without any damage to it’s engine. So, give your body what it is asking for, but not what you want to give. Live life how your body wants you to and make it function the way that it is ought to.

Below is a 3 step process explained to boost your immunity & fight any disease

A 3 Step Process To Boost Immunity

Immunity can’t be developed over night. Follow the 3 step process for at least 2 months and see wonders happening.


Toxins and Microbes are the two main things that weaken the immune system. Either they enter the body from the outside world in the form of food, water and air or they develop inside the body due to chemical and microbial reactions. Urine, Sweat and Feces are the 3 ways that toxins, microbes and all the waste matter leaves the body. If you want a clean home, you remove trash (as trash attracts microbes), sweep, mop and dry. The same way, if you want your inner body clean, you have to REMOVE the toxins and waste matter to avoid piling of microbes.

If it is outer body, we wash it with soap and water to REMOVE the dirt, toxins and microbes. But how to REMOVE the toxins within the body?

Remove Toxins & Avoid Piling Up of Microbes in the Body

It is always water that helps you in the cleaning process, be it anything; the outer surfaces or the inner system. In removing the toxins, wastes and microbes from our body, we use WATER THERAPY. Water therapy is all about drinking 4-5 ltrs of water through out the day at a scheduled interval

  • Dehydration is one of the main reasons of constipation. Proper hydration reduces the amount of water that is withdrawn from the colon. It also softens the stool and let it pass through colon easily
  • Right quantity of water intake aids kidneys in removing the metabolic waste and toxins efficiently in the form of urine

Get The License To Eat With Water Therapy:

You shouldn’t eat anything, until you defecate – A Healthy Practice. Follow the steps to get the License to eat

Step 1: Drink 1250 ml of water after you wake up in the morning. Always prefer Luke warm water for early morning consumption as they come with lot of benefits. Drink in the span of 5 – 6 mins

Step 2: Focus on your large intestine and try to defecate. Your mind helps you do what you want to do. So tell your mind that you want to throw out the waste. If you don’t have any underlying medical conditions, your defecation process starts in the next 5-10 minutes

Step 3: Exercise or do your daily routine. If you do a physical activity, Skin Removes the toxins and waste in the form of Sweat.

Step 4: Now after 1.5 to 2 hours, drink 800-1000ml water again. Now try to defecate for second time. Defecating twice in the morning removes all the digestive waste of the previous day, leaving a clean colon.

Digestive waste attracts the microbes and becomes a reason for toxins and microbial actions. Hence, REMOVE the digestive waste.

Step 5: Hydrate your body through out the day by consuming a glass of water an hour starting from 1.5 hours after taking lunch till 6 PM. Blood absorbs the water from the colon and goes to the kidneys. Kidneys do the filtration and removes the toxins, waste material, metabolic waste etc in the form of Urine, leaving the blood purified.


As our system works continuously, for it’s proper working it needs the Repair in times of need. Our body can repair itself if we aid it with the essential tools.

What our body needs to repair itself?

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Micronutrients
  • Antioxidants &
  • Time

Easiest Way of Supplying Essentials

  • Take 2 juices; one vegetable and one fruit juice in a day to supply micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our body requires
  • Morning: Take 250 ml of vegetable or green leafy juice of your choice
  • Evening: Take 250 ml of Fruit Juice of your choice in between 5 to 6PM
  • For Dinner: Complete the dinner by 7PM and Prefer to take raw food like fruits, nuts and vegetables. No cooked food in the dinner

How Our System Repairs Itself ?

The ideal way of repairing our system is going to bed with Empty Stomach. If you take raw food in the dinner and finish it by 7PM, food moves out of the stomach by 9PM. So you can go to bed with your stomach empty. Creating a clear gap of 12 hours between dinner & breakfast boosts your immunity by 5 times. When your digestive system is taking rest during nights, your defense mechanism starts it’s fighting against germs and repairs the system. 

Continuous ingestion of food, or eating cooked food at late nights keeps your system busy in digestion and absorption, leaving no time for the system for repairing process hence you fall sick easily due to weak immunity attracting the microbes. If you leave a room for everyday cleaning, the already strong immune system protects you round the clock. Hence, early dinner and raw food in dinner helps the system in building strong immune system.

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The most important step in the process is to MAINTAIN.

Why do we need weekend holiday after working for 5 days with an average of 8 hours working per day? Because we need rest for those 2 days, which we assume that it increases our efficiency during week days. Then what about our body? It works 24/7.  We keep our body busy even during our sleep. Is there any increase in the efficiency of our system if we give a rest of 1 day in a week? Yes there is. But how to do it?

In the virtue of weekend, you eat a lot. So your system gets tired double than it gets during the weekdays. The only way to give it a rest is to stop eating once in a week. Monday should be your Maintenance day. 

Monday=Maintenance Day

Keep every Monday as a Maintenance day. You should give rest to your system on Monday by limiting to only honey & lemon water consumption for 5 to 6 times. No other solid food consumption on Monday. Honey gives you energy and if extra energy is needed, body uses energy reserves in the body. By fasting on Monday, having no other job, all your defense mechanism gets into work and does all the fighting, cleaning and repair work at the cellular level. It leaves the blueprint of the job done i.e antibodies produced, in the brain. Whenever any microbes enter into our body, already existing antibodies get activated, kill the microbes even before they cause any infection.

Bottom Line!

Remember, whenever you fall sick of any minor illnesses, the first thing you need to do, even before you take medicine, Stop Eating. Give your body TIME. When you stop eating, it activates your defense mechanism and aids system to cure by itself.
Doctors suggest you to isolate yourself if you are diagnosed corona positive. If you have strong immunity, simple isolation is enough during which your defence mechanism gets into action against corona virus and kills it. You don’t need any medicine for corona virus if you have strong immunity. The 3 step process i.e REMOVE, REPAIR & MAINTAIN is the best way to boost your immunity naturally and fight against any disease.

Your Health is in Your Eating Habits

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Why conscious eating & drinking is important 


How to Live Life With Ease – Read To Know Amazing Facts

You may not like what you are going to read. Because I am going to tell you an unpopular story which may disappoint your taste buds.

How healthy you feel you are? Before answering this, you need to understand being healthy doesn’t mean not having any ailments. The word HEALTH means WHOLENESS. And there is a way to measure that Wholeness. How you feel when you wake up in the morning ? If you feel lazy, tired, don’t feel like getting up from the bed, wanting to sleep for another 10 mins after completing 8 hours of sleep, then it is very clear that you are not healthy. If you feel like you are just born, energetic & bouncy, it means that there is consensus among your body, mind, energy levels and the total system. This what exactly one feels if he/she is healthy and that is called Wholeness. Unfortunately 99% of the people don’t know what is the meaning of being Healthy and live at absolutely ease. The real culprit is the way we eat  (Read to know the Conscious Way of Eating & Drinking) and what we eat

The law of energy within the human system completely depends on the kind of fuel you are giving to it. The right fuel gives positive energy and vice versa. what fuel our system really wants to feel that Wholeness? Food is nothing but the Fuel for our system to run. Filling petrol vehicle with diesel and expecting it to run smoothly is a foolish thing. The same way eating food that your system struggles to digest is also no good for the body. Then what is the right food for our body?

The Right Food

Whatever that your system is able to handle efficiently with minimum struggle to digest is Right Food for you.

The digestion process starts right inside the mouth. Enzymes are very essential in the process of digestion. How our body secretes enzymes, food that we eat also contains specific enzymes in it’s raw form. Our very cooking process destroys 40-50% of the enzymes that food contains. Hence, our system has to struggle to reconstitute the destroyed enzymes in the food that we eat during the process of digestion. This process of reconstitution makes the digestion process a hassle for the system. In brief, the cooked food can be described as half dead food. However good that your digestive system might be, it can’t bring back the enzymes destroyed during the process of cooking. It means that we are trying to live on half dead food.

The very reason why we all feel lethargy after eating food is that cooked food is taking off the energy at first instead of giving energy. That is why People have to pull their body immediately after eating food. After the struggle of around one to one and half hour by the digestive system to digest this half dead food, you regain the energy. If this kind of process continues, your digestive system weakens overtime. If you are able to take at least 40-50% of your food in it’s raw form, you can experience your energy levels going up immediately. You feel more energetic and you don’t have to pull yourself. At the same time, the amount of struggle that you put on digestive system will also be reduced.

Food that Reduce Pressure on System

When I say RAW food, you may start to wonder what is Raw food & how can I eat everything in it’s Raw form??? Here is a list of Raw foods that are enriched with Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals and everybody can have them in their raw form.

  • Fruits (Whole/Juice)
  • Vegetables (Whole/Juice)
  • Nuts
  • Sprouted Grams, Lentils/seeds

Having mentioned 4 simple known varieties that can be taken in their raw form, here I am presenting you a Diet Plan that is easy to follow

  • At 7 AM/ After you wake up :  Take 1250 ml of water (Read to know the Right way to Consume Water). This helps you in cleaning your digestive track and defecation.
  • As a Break Fast:      1. Take 200-300 ml of Vegetable or Green Leafy Juices (preferably Carrot, Beet Root, Tomato, Cucumber, Spinach, Moringa, Curry Leaves). Vegetable Juices have lot of advantages from increasing your Hb% to reducing hair thinning etc (Read to know some benefits here) 2. Take a bowl full of Sprouts. If you don’t like the taste of sprouts, add dates, Pomegranate seeds, apple slices or fresh fruit chunks of your choice. (Know the Right Way of Sprouting here). Sprouts are rich source of protein, gives instant energy and the feeling of fullness. You don’t feel lethargic once you start having sprouts in your breakfast.
  • For Lunch: There is nothing specific for lunch as it is not weight loss plan. You can have your regular lunch
  • Water Time: You should not consume water while having food and until 1:30 hours after having lunch. Starting from 1:30 hours after lunch, take 1 glass/hour till 4 PM.
  • Snack Time: Take 200 ml of fruit juice (preferably Sweet Lime, Grape, Orange, Cane/Coconut water)
  • Dinner: Nuts and Fruits should be your dinner. Can take fruits of your choice. Take Soaked Hazelnuts, Pecan, Brazil, Peanuts, Pine, Cashew, Almond, Raisins, Pistachios/Walnut. Nuts are essential for giving you energy while fruits give you enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals. Make sure you finish dinner by max 7PM.

Benefits of Raw Food:

By following the above plan, you consume 70% raw food and 3 ltrs of water in a day. Some of the other benefits include the following

  • Chronic diseases like PCOS, Thyroid, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension will be subsided
  • Hydrates the body
  • Melts Visceral fat
  • No Drowsiness, Feeling of Freshness throughout the day, you wake up with out alarm bell
  • Improves Immunity
  • Triglyceroids and LDL levels in the blood decrease while HDL increases
  • Constipation will be a thing of the last

Troubling the system by eating something that it can’t digest easily will have long term negative effects on our well being. Unfortunately, consuming cooked food become a tradition that has been passing through generations. Hence, People are co-habiting with chronic illnesses. They don’t know how to live with absolute ease. Switch to 50% raw food and start to live life at absolute ease.

Don’t Believe in Everything You Have Been Told To. But Try It To Believe It.

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The Relation Between Oxygen Carrying Capacity in the Human Body & Iron

Everybody knows that we live on oxygen. If there is no oxygen on earth, there is no life on it. Oxygen plays a crucial role in everything that happens inside & outside of our body. Once lungs filter the air, blood carries the oxygen and supplies it to each and every cell in the body. The way our body functions and cells rejuvenate depend on the amount of oxygen in the blood. The oxygen carrying capacity of the blood depends on the amount of Iron in the blood.

Iron is an important element in various metabolic process in the human body which includes electron transport,DNA synthesis and mostly importantly Oxygen Transport to the cells. Unlike other minerals, the levels of Iron in the human body are controlled by its Absorption and Excretion. The absorption is a regulated process and is dependent on the amount of consumption. Unlike absorption , excretion is an unregulated process. Iron will be excreted through sweat, shredding of hair cells, skin cells and menstruation. Iron exists mainly in RBC as heme compound called Hemoglobin, to a lesser extent it is stored in the form of ferritin and hemosiderin and in muscle cells as myoglobin.

Lack of blood capacity to carry oxygen due to low levels of Iron and Hemoglobin is referred to as Anaemia.  When there is not enough Iron in the blood, the supply  of oxygen to Brain, Heart, Lungs and the total body goes down which leads to their lower functioning. One of the early symptoms of lack of proper oxygen supply to cells is Exhaustion. Even for a simple work, we feel more exhausted. 

Women are More vulnerable

Women are more prone to become anaemic comparatively due to their biological process, menstruation. Iron is one such mineral that is excreted during their biological process. So the amount of Iron and there by hemoglobin is less leading to lower levels of oxygen in their body. Hence, it makes them feel exhausted unnecessarily, look unintelligent and dumb (Due to lack of oxygen supply to brain cells). Because of all this, both the body and brain don’t function the way they have to.

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Let’s find out a simple yet efficient way to combat Iron deficiency

Best Iron Supplement – Honey

Consumption of honey carries with it lot of benefits to our body. All we know is, honey gives instant energy, contains no cholesterol, no fats etc. People are also aware of early morning consumption of honey as a way to reduce the belly fat. But what most of the people are unaware of is honey as miraculous medicine for Iron absorption. Consuming a spoon of Honey with warm water on a daily basis helps in increasing Iron in the human body & there by hemoglobin % in the blood.
How to consume honey to attain the maximum benefits out of it?

Best Way to Consume Honey

Eating raw honey has some kind of benefits and while having it warm has another. But the ideal way of consuming honey is to have it in warm water. Honey should never be put it in boiling water as some part of it will turn poisonous when it crosses certain temperature. In the western culture, it is common practice to make honey recipes. But, honey should never be cooked. Hence honey should always be consumed with warm water for larger benefits.

Once you start taking honey on a daily basis; Iron, Hemoglobin, RBC content will go up slowly. So the level of inertia you feel in the body and  mind will slowly get reduced as the supply of oxygen to the cells increase. The cells in the body starts to rejuvenate, the dead cells will be replaced quickly and you start to feel more relaxed and energetic.

Bottom Line!

Oxygen supply to the cells is vital as the total functioning of the body and mind is dependent on the amount of oxygen at the cellular level. It doesn’t matter how much fresh oxygen we inhale if it doesn’t reach the cells. Iron is the only mineral that carries Oxygen to the cells. As it’s excretion is unregulated, intake of Iron on a daily basis is very important for the proper function of the Body and Mind. Honey consumption on a daily basis is the simple solution.

Try It To Believe It