Top Reasons of Why to Hire SEO Company from India

A 70% of digital marketers believe that SEO is way better than that of PPC when it comes to sales. The searches on Google have an average 32% click-through rate (CTR), which is higher than 4%-6% of ads CTR.  

It’s a clear indication that the success rate of an SEO strategy is far better than any paid marketing. Certainly, it’s good to go with this organic digital marketing, which pays nothing, but the return value is outstandingly higher. These advantages turn double if you seek any professional company’s support. 

If you compare an Indian SEO company’s package, it remains between INR 5K ($61 approx.) and INR 25K ($306 approx.) per month (depending on the project). On the flip side, the same services from an American company cost $2,500 – $10,000 per month.  The quality of work, reliability, and accountability are more or less equal.  

Precisely, there are top reasons why to prefer an SEO company from India. 

Top Reasons to Hire an SEO Company from India

For any result, it’s essential to have the best professionals who care about the value and results. With search engine optimization services, you expect to have great exposure, visibility, top rank on SERPs, and above all come leads or sales opportunities. 

To Achieve Results

Optimizing web pages describes SEO, which helps in quickly appearing on search engine result pages.  It is a technical method of attracting targeted traffic to a website. It all happens organically, which means you don’t have to pay for advertising or buying clicks.

With high-quality content, optimised URLs, pages, images, tags, and niche-based keywords, you can have (organic) backlinks. This is the ultimate goal of SEO, which attracts visitors and leads. Higher exposure means more attention from users, which brings new opportunities. As a result, the sales spike, increasing your returns. 

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Website SEO Audit

This is a precise goal that only technical people can understand. People are more aware of on-page and off-page optimization these days. So, they expect to have everything right and optimized for quickly generating leads. This can happen through a deep and thorough assessment of your website.

Here, an expert SEO company from India can look into your site’s current strategy and analyze the upsides and downsides. Later on, the outcome of this web audit helps in creating a comprehensive SEO strategy to get more customers and sales online. 

Niche-Based Keyword Research

Keywords are searchable phrases that users type to catch up with accurate information. With the right keywords in place, your website becomes closer to the top 10 ranking results on SERPs. Experienced digital marketing companies in India work on a comprehensive keyword research plan to help businesses find appropriate niche-based keywords. With strategized effort and work on appropriate keywords, they quickly rank it up.  

Exclusive Content Creation

There is no one-size-fits-all content strategy. Every business is unique. So, it needs a different strategy in accordance with the goal. Just driving traffic is not enough. The business stays up and running through interesting traffic that raises inquiries.

It all happens by putting extensive efforts into blogging, social media promotions, videos, infographics, ebooks, guest posting, etc. The experienced companies in India have been popular for providing quality content that can compliment content marketing plan for attracting traffic to your website. 

Speedy Page Speed Optimization

Page speed optimization includes a number of technicalities like identifying errors in URLs, tags, ALT tags, image sizing, unnecessary codes, redirection errors, etc. All of these and many other elements are there that can be a reason for slow uploading, which is more than 3 seconds.

It can bounce out your customers from your website. If you keep consistent with this bad experience, it can never help you to generate leads from your website. To maximize sales, ensure that your page loads quickly so that the visitors can access information in a few minutes.

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Define Responsive Design

There are two main ways, mobile, and desktop, which users are fond of when it comes to exploring any website. Even, the Google Mobile-first Indexing update has already made it clear that search engines love responsive designs. They should be mobile-friendly so that everyone from anywhere can get through your content.  

It costs nearly INR 40K to INR 50K to have a highly optimized web design in India.  Opposite it, this cost can raise up to $2K to $75Kfor the same responsiveness task in the USA. Now that you know the packages of responsive website design, it’s up to you to decide which one to hire. 

In all, pricing is the main factor that can prove a turning point in making a decision. Hiring an Indian SEO company can prove a satisfactory decision in view of expertise, cost-effectiveness, and accountability. 


Why hire an Indian SEO company has many reasons. The one big reason is the cost, which is way lesser than in other countries. However, there is no leniency with the quality of on-page and off-page optimization. 

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