Top 5 Negotiation and Sales Techniques

You are at that point in your company where you do not know whether to offer more discounts, increase your promotions and even already make personalized offers so that your product / service can be consumed. Tall!

You probably just haven’t applied negotiation and sales techniques in your company, but we can always learn how to do it to apply it.

These are the 5 techniques that you can test with your clients to find the balance point between supply and demand.

1. Instant Click

The simplest trading technique that takes its own course.

In this, as you are talking with your client and the conversation progresses, you can see how both parties are reaching an agreement that they are willing to make.

If you see that your client is open to your suggestions, has good communication with you and the conversation is natural, it is time to close the negotiation.


The following negotiation technique is the one that we would all like to always obtain, but it is to find the balance point for both parties in which they are happy.

This technique teaches us to create and generate empathetic solutions with our client, since we study them in order to understand them, solve their needs and share the same ideas that one is proposing.

How can I do it correctly?

Well, even if there is a plan, you must always keep in mind that each person is different and the strategies must change to reach that “Win-Win”

  • Be understanding: Understand what their need is and how you can help them without exceeding your limits.
  • Ask your context: Ask the right questions about what you are looking for, what you want to solve and how it will help you in your life to be able to negotiate.
  • Have options: For this, a previous study of the client should have been done before or when the correct questions were at the moment, so in a notebook or even in your head begin to have 3 options to propose to the client where it is a balance point.

3. Validate your answers

Be sure of your product / service, if there comes a point in which you answer with a “I think”, “yes, but”; it is probable that the closing of the sale will no longer be carried out since the distrust will be noticed.

Speak positive and don’t suggest yourself. Practice makes a master!

4. Closing for loss

This technique is awesome when you’re not getting anywhere, but it should be used as a last-minute recourse when the customer’s psychology feels like they missed out on the product.

eye! It is not to use it as manipulation, it is to offer an offer and make him have more desire for the product without having to add extra words.

5. Treat by invitation

In this technique, as its name says, it is to invite them to consume your product in an informal and more casual way in which they feel cared for and important since it is personalized.

It means talking little about the product and more about how they will solve their needs in a short time so that they can feel comfortable being customers.

In this case, it is creating an opportunity between the brand and the client, it is also loyalty and creating the best image of the same business.


The most important thing is to listen to the client about their needs to be understanding and really understand what they want since many times they are only looking for solutions in life that they had not realized.

Maintain a relationship with them, study their behavior, analyze their ailments, learn to relate and the changes will begin to be seen in your sales and company image.

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