The Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

In this post we explain exactly what a plugin is and what you need to know about them before using them. Make your blog more secure Akismet: Anti-spam service, works very well. It is free for personal sites and paid for commercial sites. Anti-spam: A very effective and very elegant plugin. In short, it works … Read more

How to create a website with WordPress

How to create a website with WordPress

For those who want to save time on designing their website, website builders can be a good option, but if you’re willing to read this guide through to the end and follow its steps, you can have your website in no time. WordPress has a professional design and is ready to be seen by millions … Read more

Advantages offered by digital marketing

digital marketing

Online sales, whether of goods or services, require a high visualization in order to grow properly and favor the company in question. This makes it essential to have a digital marketing strategy, designed to strengthen the brand and take it to the next level. Nowadays, everyone talks about digital marketing, but few take the time … Read more

How to define the objectives of a worker?

objectives of a worker

It is the beginning of the year, and it is time to define not only the objectives of the business but also of the teams and their members. Thus, we prevent teams from working blindly and aimlessly. How should the objectives of the workers be set, then, taking into account the economic and social situation … Read more

Tips for Creating Strategic Business Goals

Tips for Creating Strategic Business Goals

Has it happened to you that, although your work team manages a good relationship and labor synergy, they fail to meet their objectives at the end of each month? This could be due to a lack of organization and short- and long-term goal setting. And it is that, to be successful in the business field, … Read more

How Do Electronic Documents Help Business Management?

Electronic Documents

We have to admit it, the digital transformation has represented an advance for the improvement of business processes —allowing, in this way, a correct management of time and resources of the organizations. Hence, moving from the traditional to the technological world often translates into that step that your business needed to take to strengthen the … Read more

Top 5 Negotiation and Sales Techniques

Sales Techniques

You are at that point in your company where you do not know whether to offer more discounts, increase your promotions and even already make personalized offers so that your product / service can be consumed. Tall! You probably just haven’t applied negotiation and sales techniques in your company, but we can always learn how … Read more

Email Marketing: Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce

Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce

At the moment that we are doing an email marketing campaign, several factors must be reviewed so that they generate positive numbers, have more conversion, maintain and increase subscribers. What is rebound? Well, actually a bounce is called when it was not possible to deliver the mail. This indicator tells us that in the strategic … Read more

5 successful business ideas for 2023

successful business ideas

A new year is about to arrive and the plans and purposes begin to take agenda in our day to day. Starting the year is the perfect excuse to start any idea, plan or business you have in mind. Take new goals for your company, launch a new product, carry out a campaign to position … Read more

What defines a good digital marketing campaign?

Digital Marketing Campaign

There are many types of campaigns, however here we will define a good campaign as a campaign that improves sales at the lowest possible cost. Within these there are many good campaigns, but each one serves a type of need or business. Potential customers campaign The leads campaign is a meta network (Facebook and Instagram) … Read more

Is trading a good option to invest?


When we want to invest, we always look for the safest option and what we think is the most reliable. However, looking for a company or product in which to invest is a lottery and we can never know 100% if the investment will be successful or not. Over the years, Trading has been practiced … Read more