What defines a good digital marketing campaign?

There are many types of campaigns, however here we will define a good campaign as a campaign that improves sales at the lowest possible cost.

Within these there are many good campaigns, but each one serves a type of need or business.

Potential customers campaign

The leads campaign is a meta network (Facebook and Instagram) performance campaign focused on service businesses.

This campaign seeks to optimize the filling of forms so that companies can later contact these prospects and close deals, which is why it is important to have a good customer manager.

Conversions campaign

The goal conversions campaign is aimed at both service companies and online stores.

In service companies it is used to complete a form within a landing page.

In online stores it is “the campaign” and focuses on sales, the sale of items within the website.

As I mentioned, this is the only campaign that works for online stores, there is no other better than this. In other words, this is the campaign that you should use if you are an online store and you want to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Google Search Network

The google search network is for many businesses the most profitable campaign of all, and this is because Google offers something that the others do not: Appear when the potential customer searches for your product or service.

Google campaigns are powerful and although they are not massive like those of Facebook and Instagram, they are much more segmented because they arrive at the precise moment that the client is looking for your business.

With this campaign you will show your business when the client needs it, and you will only pay when a client clicks on your ad, not when the ad is shown, unlike the meta that charges you per impression.

For many reasons Google Ads is one of the best campaigns, however not all businesses do well in Google, there are others that do infinitely better in the meta, in this case you should test carefully if Google Ads suits you.

In the case of clinics, dental clinics do well on Google and Meta, while aesthetic clinics, by offering more visual ads, do much better on meta (Facebook and Instagram) than on Google.

With the same pixel, META feeds on data, with this information META will know what type of web page the user is visiting, for example if it is an electronics store, META will know and use that information so that another electronics advertiser can show ads to that user.

YouTube Ads

This digital marketing campaign has been in direct competition with meta campaigns but with all the advantages of the Google network, which will allow you to segment your audience very precisely:

  • Segment by search: If your potential customer searched for your service on Google, you can show them a video of your company when they are browsing YouTube.
  • Target by channel: If your potential customer browses a certain YouTube channel, you can select that channel to show ads for your company.
  • Segment by interest and behavior: As in meta, we can show ads to people who match the interests of our business.
    The YouTube campaign has various formats, from bumper seconds ads to conversion ads.

It is characterized by being very massive, if what you are looking for is brand recognition, YouTube can be a great alternative.


Shopping campaigns are digital marketing campaigns exclusively for online stores. It is a slightly more complex campaign to use because to activate it you first need to configure Google Merchant Center

Like the search ads, they are activated by keyword and are shown next to these ads, but unlike these, instead of being text ads, they are ads with images, which makes them more impressive and clickable.

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