These Apps are Ideal for Teachers and They are Free!

Teachers have at their disposal a multitude of tools that facilitate their day-to-day work in the classroom. And all those who use tablets and smartphones will find in these free apps for teachers a very useful resource to keep track of attendance or delivery of work, but also to facilitate communication with students and families and, even, to improve learning.


It works as a digital attendance and monitoring list for students in which it is possible to register who is absent from class, create and personalize work teams, define schedules… All information is stored in a cloud and is only available for mobile devices with Android operating system.


Not only does it allow any file to be stored in the cloud, but it also gives the possibility of sharing the most important documents with students from any device. Free of charge, it has up to 10 GB of capacity to store complementary classroom materials such as photographs, notes or presentations. It can be accessed from the computer, as well as from iOS and Android devices.


This free platform works as a social network that helps to put the student and the family in contact with the teacher. It allows sharing documents, messages, tasks and exams, but for this it is necessary to register and create a closed group. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Explain Everything

Created to facilitate explanations in the classroom, with this application it is possible to create and move drawings, insert images related to the syllabus and record with voice the explanation that is being given to the students. In this way, students will be able to access them as many times as they deem necessary. Although it is free, some functions are paid. It is available on Google Play and the App Store.


This exclusive application for iOS devices is ideal for creating presentations in the classroom. It has different effects and a collection of 30 themes to create different exhibitions, and, in addition, Keynote gives the possibility of adding animated transitions, tables, figures, photographs, videos and graphs in each of them. Another option that counts is the automatic saving in the cloud (iCloud). The app can be accessed online from the browser or by downloading it to the mobile device from the app store.


This interactive application is ideal for developing continuous assessment in the classroom and allows the teacher to obtain statistical data on the progress and learning of each student in real time. To make proper use of Plickers, it is only necessary for the teacher to have a mobile device and provide his students with cards so that the app can identify them and obtain the data of each one of them (names, achievements, responses to each activity…). It is available for the web, iOS and Android in English.


It is a multimedia tool whose purpose is to provide support in the classroom by encouraging participation in class through surveys and questionnaires that offer a response in real time. Compatible with mobile devices and computers, it includes different options to evaluate students automatically or to get their opinions about the activities, tasks and work carried out. For example, among some of the functions it is possible to select whether the questionnaires will be multiple or short answer and true or false.


It incorporates the necessary adjustments to work collaboratively with the students. This task manager brings together different materials to simplify the teacher’s work and organize classes. Its functions include some such as: reports, calendar and dates for exams, meetings with the families of each student, team assignments and projects. It is available for iOS and Android and offers in-app purchases.

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