The Best PC Configuration For Programming

Best PC Configuration For Programming

Software developers need a good platform to program. A PC for programmers should have a number of features to increase productivity. Taking into account that creating a program is basically writing source code and that you will spend long hours in front of the screen, in addition to the demand for hardware resources when compiling … Read more

What is the Difference Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?


Mark Zuckerberg announced the development of his ‘Metaverse’ based on virtual reality, but some confuse it with augmented reality. What is the difference between them? Days ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced, along with the change of his company name, the development of his ‘Metaverse’, a virtual space designed to carry out all the tasks that are … Read more

7 Reasons Why Successful Crowdfunding Requires Active Data Analytics

Successful Crowdfunding Requires Active Data Analytics

The use of data in an increasing technology and digital-driven world cannot be stressed enough. Whether you are a business, individual, or non-profit platform, you need data to help power your crowdfunding platforms. In recent years, crowdfunding platforms have emerged as a viable channel that is helping secure the need for capital for many start-ups, … Read more

How to Improve Your Internet Experience: 6 Tips

How to Improve Your Internet Experience

The internet provides a lot of opportunities to learn, work, and entertain yourself. However, for some less tech-savvy people, the overall experience might not be that great, particularly when they are only starting to discover what the World Wide Web has to offer.   Sure, for some, there is no need to rush because they … Read more

Typical Data Engineer Job Description

Typical Data Engineer

Big data and data analytics have become mainstream technologies. They have become the driving force behind the many innovations that have come up as solutions to extracting insights and information out of the vast volumes of data being generated every passing day. Big data has penetrated all industries so much that it is now the … Read more

English to French Translator Singapore- French Translation Services 2021

English to French Translator

Wordsburg has a proven track record in delivering accurate, reliable & high-quality English to French translation services all across the world. By charging affordable prices we are aiming to provide consistent & acceptable French Translations Services in a quick turnaround time. These two English and French are global languages and mostly demanded by individuals for … Read more

How to disable safe mode on Tumblr

How to disable safe mode on Tumblr

Its function is to filter the sensitive content that may appear on your Desktop or your search results. Tumblr is a social network recognized for incorporating a microblogging system, which is about sharing through words or short phrases from other bloggers that we like, are interested in, and even reblog (publish on our blogs) the … Read more

How to share files and documents in Slack from my Android, iPhone or PC

Share files in Slack

Instant messaging services have always been important since their inception, satisfying the human need to communicate and connect with others. However, in recent times the popularity of these has been growing exponentially, taking into account how they save time and streamline educational and work processes. Currently, the most widely used instant messaging service is WhatsApp, … Read more