Quotes On Life
Quotes On Life

“Sit Back with Patience. Everything Falls in Place at Right Time” – MJali



“Be careful while choosing your people. They may or may not direct your life but definitely affect your Lifestyle” – MJali


“You never Fail again, when you stop saying “Just Because of You”
It is only you, responsible for your present” – MJali


“Your “Talk” about me, “Speaks” about you” – MJali

“Your Struggle in achieving something has zero credits in the eye of society.
Only success will be given credits, not the struggles” – MJali

“Why, the reason behind Evolution” – MJali



“Just because a fact has been established/ published / believed to be true, you don’t have to believe the same.
Wise does fact check” – MJali


“I like my Haters

They help me Grow” – MJali 


“The least you know, the more happy you can be” – MJali


“ Be the lawyer of your Ideas, Judge of your Decisions” – MJali 


“Expression of love is an artwork, Not everybody can master it

If you can, Life becomes Beautiful” – MJali


“Sometimes letting go is the best gift you can give to yourself” – MJali


“Don’t relate everything I say with Me. It is just a thought, My mind’ Job” – MJali 


“The real slavery is linking your Happiness or Sadness to a Person, Thing or a Situation. Be the reason for your emotions. 

No more Credits” – MJali


“It is not what I say, it is what you understand out of it; defines who and what you are as a Person” – MJali 




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