99% of Hair Fall Issues are curable: Read To Know Some Burried Truths

Hair Fall is the most common and serious problem of the recent generations. Oil it, Use the right Shampoo & conditioner, steam your hair, use hair Care packs – These are the kind of advices people generally give to stop hair fall. If you go and see a hair care expert, they advice you to take Hair Spa, Expensive Shampoos, Oils and empty your pockets.

Did anybody tell you that the actual problem is what I call it“Internal Environmental Imbalance (IEI)” and the Cure is right in your Home..???  Nobody tells you this because it affects the Multi million dollar business that MNC’s do in the name of Oils, shampoos, Conditioners, Medicines, Hair Care products etc. Even after using everything they sell, the problem of Hair Fall still exists. Then what’s is the solution?? Solution is right in your home if we dig deeper to find out the buried secrets.

Firstly let’s look at reasons for Internal Environmental Imbalance

High Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate- ESR

ESR is a blood test to determine the conditions that causes inflammation. The underlying conditions may include chronic diseases, Immune disorders, Vasculitis, arthritis etc.

ESR measures how quickly Erythrocytes (RBC) settle at the bottom of a test tube. In general, Erythrocytes settle relatively slow and a faster than normal rate indicates  Chronic inflammatory diseases. High Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate  is one of the reasons for Internal Environmental Imbalance there by Hair Fall.

 Hemoglobin- Hb%

Hemoglobin is a protein molecule in the RBC that carries oxygen from lungs to tisssues. The normal % of Hb in Women  is 12-15 grams per dl and in Men is 14-17 grams per dl. There are so many reasons for low levels of hemoglobin in the RBC like Iron, Vit B12, Folate deficiency and some acute and chronic underlying disorders. Low levels of Hemoglobin in RBC is also a reason for Internal Environmental Imbalance.

Hormonal Imbalance

A hormone is a messenger that is produced from one part of the body and travels all over to have its effect else where. Human body produce over 200 hormones that control everything from Appetite, Moods, Fluid Balance and Hair Growth to sex drive and fertility.

Testrosterone is one of such hormones that causes hair thinning. High amounts of testosterone in the blood is converted into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which inactivates the hair follicle leading to hair thinning. The reasons from High amounts of testosterone are low levels of Estrogen during Menopause, Low levels of Thyroid Hormone, Stress, after pregnancy affects, PCOD ( Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease, A disease in which small cysts form in the ovary) and excessive usage of contraceptive pills.

Hence, one need to identify whether Hair thinning is the result of any one the above mentioned issues.

How to correct “Internal Environmental Imbalance”

There is no product on this Planet that can grow hair on Bald Head. Don’t fall for fake marketing tactics. If your hair fall is due to any hereditary reasons, then no expert, product or food can help you except hair transplantation. But if your hair fall is due to Internal Imbalance, 99% cases are curable with below simple home remedies.

When the problem is Internal, using external remedies like applying Oils, Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair spas, any other hair care treatments by experts is not going to help in anyway. They only empty your pockets adding to your frustration and more stress.

As per Indian Ayurveda, there are certain Juices that everybody can make and include in their daily diet routine to correct Internal Environmental Imbalance 

The recipes are much more simple than the problems. But their efficiency is undoubtably impressive. Let’s find out how to make them.

To correct Hb% & ESR

Juice 1:


2 cups of Carrot slices

1 cup Beetroot slices

1 glass of water

Half slice Lemon

1 Tablespoon Honey as per taste

  • Add Carrot and beetroot pieces to a blender
  • Add 1 glass of water to it. Blend it smooth
  • Strain the juice into a glass to remove the pulp
  • Squeeze lemon and add honey to taste

Have it in the morning before breakfast on empty stomach. Take breakfast after 30 mins of having Juice

Juice 2:


2 cups of Wheatgrass

1 glass of water

Half slice lemon

1 tablespoon Honey as per taste

  • Add wheatgrass and water to a blender
  • Blend it smooth,strain the juice into a glass to remove the pulp
  • Squeeze lemon and add Honey as per taste

Source: Royal Reset

Have it in the morning on Empty stomach 30 mins before breakfast. This tastes bitter but works like a wonder. This juice helps in treating the issues of PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and Hypothyroidism also

To Treat Hormonal Imbalance

Juice 3


1 cup of Mint Leave

1 cup of Cilantro (Coriander)leaves

1 Cup Holy Basil ( Ocimum_tenuiflorum- Scientific Name)/ Tulasi (Indian Name)

1 glass of water

Half slice Lemon

1 Tablespoon Honey as per taste

  • Add Mint, Coriander and Tulasi leaves to the blender
  • Add water to it and blend it fine
  • Strain the juice into a glass to remove the pulp
  • Squeeze lemon and add Honey as per taste

Consume it in the afternoon at around 3 PM

Juice 4


1 cup of Curry Leaves

1 cup of Moringa/ Spinach

1 Glass of water

Half slice Lemon

Honey as per taste

  • Add curry leaves and Moringa / Spinach to blender
  • Add water and blend it smooth
  • Strain it into a glass to remove the pulp
  • Squeeze lemon and add Honey as per taste

Consume it in the afternoon at around 3 PM

Pick any juices of your choice and based on availability of ingredients. Consume 2 or 3 juices in a day. If you don’t have any underlying issues that have been mentioned earlier and still have hair thinning problem, you can consume Juice 1 and Juice 4.


You must have tried so many hair oils, creams, Shampoos and conditioners and must have met hair care experts and tired using everything they prescribed. When you have an Internal problem, trying something on your scalp is not going to help reduce Hair thinning. Balance your Internal environment by consuming our Juices and wait to experience the magic. Take any 2 combination of Juices everyday for no longer than a month to yield the desired results.


Dear Ladies, It’s Time to Flaunt Your Hair 

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